Pokemon Go Cheats and Guide for Beginners

Pokemon Go recently rolled out on mobile and fans couldn’t have been happier as they’ve been waiting for it since its announcement in 2015. This game will take you walking around your neighbourhood, using your GPS, and looking for lost Pokemons that have somehow ended up on Earth—pretty awesome concept and the best one for the series, if you asked us. What are you waiting for? Let’s go catch, hatch, and evolve these cute little creatures!  Here’s our Pokemon Go cheats and other information to start your game.

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Name and customise your Pokemon trainer.

First important pokemon go cheats and tip is regarding to your Pokemon trainer. A few selections are available for you to modify your trainer/character’s appearance. Basically, this is the least exciting part of the game, but it could the most important one because it will take you where to find your first set of Pokemon characters. You’ll gain Stardust and specific candies for each Pokemon that you capture and which you can use evolving or upgrading them in the future.

After naming your trainer, the obligatory tutorial will follow and you’ll be asked to open the map and find your starters appearing randomly out of nowhere. Whoever you choose out of the first 3 Pokemons you encounter will then be yours at the end of the first battle. So choose wisely.

Upgrade trainer whenever possible. 

Upgrade your trainer often so you’ll find better Pokemons as well.  You’ll want really strong Pokemons to get through difficult battle stages and so that you won’t have to spend much on upgrades since they’re already tough enough.

Familiarise yourself with landmarks and environment.

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After catching your Charmander, check out your location to find out where your PokeStops and Gyms are. You need to be a certain distance or level to be able to get spin the medal and receive or buy items or something else. Always be watchful of Pokemons that might be hiding behind tall grass, so you can also make a move to catch them using those balls.

The type of environment that you are in should give you an idea about the Pokemons that may be found hiding or living there. There is a panel at the bottom to check what types are found in the area where you’re at.

PokeStops and Gyms.

Another nice pokemon cheats and tips is remember to get your special items from these areas, just don’t go breaking in people’s houses or some government office in real life just to get your free eggs or you’ll get arrested. Blue squares indicate these stations and items will drop when the medal is spun. Don’t forget to come back some other time to collect your items, since these landmarks have cool downs.

How to catch Pokemons. 

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Catching those cute little creatures is quite different from how they are caught in the old series. Your catch rate is determined by the accuracy of your aim using the Poke Balls, the power of your hurl (with a quick swipe on the screen), as well as the movement of the Pokemon.  Anticipate where it might run to if it decides to escape. If you find an opportune moment, just hit that cute guy with the ball and you’ll be able to catch it! This is another another nice pokemon go cheats isn’t it?

Fool those cute Pokemons! 

These guys just absolutely love the smell of Incense, so if you want to attract them to where you’re at for around half an hour, then by all means use one! This item is especially useful if you are looking for the little guys in the wild.

Consider their stats when catching, upgrading, evolving, or letting go of them.

Check out your Pokemons’ stats to see where they’re good at. For example, CP indicates a character’s fighting ability. So if you are trying to catch a Pokemon that’s good in battle, you might want to consider that. Some of them are also quite easy to train, while some are not, you’ll see this by how quickly their CPs go up upon training and experience. Also, you’ll find Pokemons of the same species but with different CPs.

Boost your Pokemons.

Use the Stardust and specific candies to evolve your guys into better ones, ideally ones with high CP. Make sure to evolve only those that have high CPs if you don’t want to waste your precious items. Choose a good Pokemon and transfer the weak ones to the Professor in exchange for candies—but be really sure about it because you can’t get it back once you’ve done so. Sounds heartbreaking, but you have to do it. Another way to get candies like mentioned previously is to catch many of the same Pokemons.

Hatch those eggs from the Stops.

Play daily to get some or plenty of eggs from the Stops. These may each be hatched in an incubator and may turn out to be really cool Pokemons. It will take a while to do so though, so try going around a few blocks and comeback to see your baby Pokemon hatched. Walk even further to hatch a rare one when you come back, so cool!

You can even buy another incubator at the Stops to hatch more eggs at the same time, sort of like a factory of little cool guys with powers. Explore and you’ll eventually know which way to go to get much-needed items.

In-app purchases. 

Aside from the game currency that you earn for each mission, you can buy more Poke money to upgrade your guys to even better ones. Sometimes, you just need to have the right amount of candies and Stardust and you can purchase these anytime. The same is true with the Balls, you can buy as many as you need.

Join a group. 

It would be great to play this game with your friends so you can join a group with them once you reach a certain level and create Gyms. You and your friends’ Pokemons can spar or battle it out in those Gyms.  You can also challenge other teams’ Pokemons, but make sure to check out their abilities before you do so because if you get beaten, then your Gym will be much easier to take over. Keep that Prestige up, so you won’t have to worry.

Make your Gym popular by training your Pokemons in the same Gym all the time (Prestige)! Train them by letting them face each other in practice and try to beat all of them to increase your Gym’s popularity. This is a team effort so make sure to do some sort of rounds to see if your Gym is doing well or if it’s about to get taken over by your foes.

Revive or heal your guys. 

You can use healing items to help your Pokemons recover after a battle. Make sure to care for the really good ones because it takes a lot of time to upgrade and catch rare Pokemons.

This is all the information that you need to know as a beginner so far. A better way to get to know the game is to just play it.  We love to hear from you, so comment below if you have better Pokemon Go cheats to share!