Pocket Politics Cheats, Tips and Strategies

If you think that politics is interesting, and don’t mind playing long-term progression games, then try out this modern game by Kongregate. Pocket Politics is a great way to pass the time and it allows you to plan out your career as someone who aspires to become the President. You’re in for a great treat just for the funny parodies of modern politicians. So here are our Pocket Politics cheats to help you raise the money to run for the top position in the land!

pocket politics

Objective of the game.

The main goal is to be the President, increase your popularity, and ultimately influence the people to vote for your candidate, after you have resigned. Invest in lobbies and hire the best staff to propel you to the top.

Earn money by prioritising lobbies.

Lobbies are ways to earn income while you are idle. Unlock new ones whenever you can, and focus on and invest on existing ones that you think are really important and would earn you followers. Don’t spend too much time on those that you cannot upgrade at the moment. Although these can pay you off pretty expensively, they are pretty difficult to complete.

Rank up lobbies to reduce their cooldown time, before you can click and complete/invest on them again. Doing this repeatedly will help you earn plenty of money.

Choose a candidate.

Whatever type of candidate you choose, he/she will always start as a volunteer and eventually as the POTUS. Be keen about election opportunities, however. Constantly check to see if you have more than enough funds to go through with the elections. If you are not idle, tapping the screen will allow you to collect a lot quicker than usual. You can also pay for staffers to assign tasks that you can no longer keep track on your own.

Real cheat for bonuses.

Playing daily can earn you lots of freebies and bonuses, but you can only receive as much at a time. You will have to wait a full day before you can collect the same bonus again. You can circumvent this, however, by setting the date and time at a future date. This will then allow you to collect even more daily bonuses. Plus, you can do it over and over until you are contented with the amount of game currency you have. You can also speed up election processes and help you become President at the shortest possible time!

Upgrade the lobbies as much as you can.

Upgrading lobbies can certainly increase your income a lot more quickly. So once you see easily upgradable lobbies, don’t hesitate to tap and improve them. Purchasing boosts that speed up money collection and tapping bonus will also improve your earnings as well. Unlock these boosts for each of the lobbies, and do it according to the order you’ve earned the lobbies.

Here are our Pocket Politics cheats and useful information. If you have more tips to share, we would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to comment below to help your fellow players!

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