Pixel Cup Soccer 16 Cheats, Tips and Guide

Fan of soccer? Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is an energetic mobile game that you will surely enjoy. It has all the elements that you are looking for in a spot-on soccer game. Despite its simple graphics, the movement and the gameplay all feel seamless and responsive. You’ll be able to play even if you haven’t even watched how to play soccer before! So here’s our Pixel Cup Soccer 16 cheats to help you improve your moves!

pixel cup soccer 16 cheats, tips and guide

Get your player closest to the ball to work it!

Switch players using the pass button and get your player closest to the ball to catch or intercept a loose ball. Tap the pass button, instead of waiting for your turn, which could take a lot longer for comfort.


Most of the time, all you need to do to intercept a ball is to do nothing. However, if not, make sure to anticipate where the ball will land and get to a good position, so that your player closest to the ball can take it. Switch while the ball is being passed and don’t wait for it to touch the ground before you run to it. Think about this as well when you are trying to make a long pass or when your goalie sets the move or kicks to one of your players from afar.

Beat the computer!

When playing versus the computer, always make random shots, so that the AI won’t memorise your favourite moves. Try not to favour just one sequence of moves or the computer will be able to anticipate it each time. Power kicks stun your opponents and make the ball move really quick. You can one by holding down the pass button and flicking to your desired direction. If you want to get the ball far, then this is an excellent move to try. Spoil your opponent’s play by using power kicks through the shoot button.

Prevent an opponent from stealing your ball!

If you see an opponent following you from behind just before you take a goal shot, use the regular power kick to prevent that player from stealing your ball. Move about a bit until you lose the player before you try another shot at the goal.

Avoid enemy tackles!

There is only one way to avoid tackles and that is to move away when an opponent looks like he’s about to charge at you. Quickly move about in various directions to lose the guy and if you chance upon an opportunity at the goal, then go for it!

Try out the different competitions!

Play the different tournaments to really get to know your team and enjoy the game with your friends. From the American Cup, the Women’s Cup, to the 2016 Rio Olympics! You will surely find one that will fit your interest!

There you have it. If you are a serious or a beginning footie fan, then we hope you enjoyed our Pixel Cup Soccer 16 cheats list. Comment below to add more tips!

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