Phantom of the Kill Cheats, Tips and Strategies

If you like playing strategy RPG with excellent story lines and legendary characters, then Phantom of the Kill is a great game for you to try. The result of each mission highly depends on Zero the hero’s strategy and this concept makes it all the more exciting and intuitive for players. Restore the world to what it once was before the enemies came! Here is our beginners’ guide and Phantom of the Kill cheats to help you defeat the demons in this epic battle of good and evil.

phantom of the kill

Game objective.

Defeat the demons as Prince Zero by exploring, collecting various items and getting to know all of 50 characters, training and levelling up, as well as completing minor and major missions.


Pick your choice weapon from the wide selection based on the enemy’s weapon and your character class. Each weapon is vulnerable against a different one, so take advantage of this concept by bringing the right weapon to battle. Axes are vulnerable against swords, whereas swords are vulnerable against lances, and axes are lances are vulnerable against lances, and so on… Always pick the same weapon choice as the enemy’s OR pick one that will defeat the enemy’s weapon.

Choose the right characters for battle.

Make sure to choose your best heroes to send to battle. For example, ensure that there is a balance between characters that deal a lot of physical damage and those that deal magic damage like healing and spell-casting. Place these types of characters a comfortable distance away from the stronger enemies and out of the range of bow-wielding ones, since they won’t be able to deal much physical damage.

Avoid obstacles like bodies of water by utilising characters that have the ability to fly for better mobility. Regular units, however, are better left on land and flat battle areas.

Speed-up battle scenes.

Cut-scenes can be overly dramatic and repetitive at times and there is a way to speed up and manage this little irritation.

Utilise team leaders.

Characters perform better—or worse in the presence of a leader. Always pick the right one to lead your team to deal optimal damage against your enemies. It takes time to learn all of the combinations of characters that go well together in battles, but if you’re able to do this, then you will certainly breeze through the game.

You don’t have to worry about this tip if you are early into the game. However, keep this in mind as you reach the higher levels that require extra strategizing. Each of your decision can actually affect the outcome of the game. It might even come to a point where you need to send the right combination of characters to defeat a certain boss.

Fly and flank.

Heroes with aerial abilities can be brought to deal damage on your enemy’s side—or wherever there are less enemy units as well as those that are found near water tiles.

Bonuses and special items.

Like any other type of games from similar genre, bonuses and special items may be collected throughout. Look for and move your character to glowing light circles in battle areas and you might find items that might be useful for forging weapons or armours, etc. Archers may also be used to claim those bonuses from a distance.

These are all the tips and Phantom of the Kill cheats we have compiled for beginners. If you have more, please share by commenting below!

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