Paradise Bay Cheats, Tips and Guide (2016 updated)

Would you like to try an interesting and generally pleasant mixed-genre game that lets you build, trade, farm, and produce more valuable products out of the things you see around your island? Then look no further! Paradise Bay is a great island management game that you can try if you are looking to play for quite a long time. So here’s our list of Paradise Bay cheats and useful tips to expand your island and build a vibrant community of pirates and err… non-pirates!

paradise bay cheats, tips and guide

Objectives and learning the ropes!

The game premise is that you need to improve a has-been island by engaging in farming, production, and trading. Initially, you will be instructed on how to perform the basic activities done on the island, knowing these early on will help you enjoy the game better. Later on in the game, you will be required to invest in new ventures, improve existing businesses, and buy new land and resources to make your island bigger and more productive!

Open treasure chests!

The first paradise bay cheats is the chests. These chests can be found all over the island, so make sure to do all you can to open and collect their content. You can get game currency, gold, and other items for free, so be diligent in opening these awesome chests. Inspect every nook and cranny and expose hidden ones by cutting grass, clearing the path, etc. Also, some of them can be had by acquiring a portion of land. You can do this by reaching a certain level and purchasing land.

Don’t spend money or gems on bamboos and cotton.

These two are arguably the most important raw materials that you can have in this game and you can plant/farm them or get them in exchange for gold or gems. Make sure to grow regularly and keep a good supply of these basic items to provide for your production needs. Most of the things that you will need to produce and sell would require bamboos and cotton, so make sure to have a healthy supply of these.


Initially, you can only keep so much in your storage, so you will naturally be limited to really important items at first. However, as you go deeper into the game, you will have plenty of opportunities to improve your warehouse using special items you find on chests throughout the island. If you find yourself conflicted with storing wood and thread, then produce only a few of these items each time but on a regular basis to free up space. These items don’t necessarily take too long a time to make, so skip storing anything that is quite easy and quick to produce.

Trade what you can!

Like previously mentioned, storing all types of items will encumber your warehouse and will hinder you from producing and selling things. The reason for this is that you need storage to be able to sell these items as finished products. Make sure to let go of what you don’t need to earn coins and to free up precious space in your storage! You gain experience by trading your goods, so do this often to level up and eventually unlock new buildings and characters.

Don’t speed up production!

Wait for the products to finish and don’t use precious gems and coins just to speed up their production. Gems can be better used for unlocking better areas to collect items from and even new characters to communicate and trade with. The game pretty much gives you bonuses once in a while, but you can easily deplete your stash by rushing things to fruition. Spend your coins and gems sensibly and enjoy the real pace of the game. Patience is quite important in this game to succeed.

Go out and be friendly!

Talk to Paradise Bay inhabitants to search for clues, know the island’s story, complete missions, and get rare items in the process. Don’t leave any stones unturned. Talk to everyone to take advantage of fulfilling requests to gain their approval. Take note of each of their heart meters to see if you are getting popular for an individual. When that bar fills up, the individual will give you a chest of rare items. You can easily score some useful tools for clearing and improving the island’s appearance.


Some quests will require you to store and collect artefacts that are important to a side story. However, always be mindful of your storage and if you cannot complete a quest that highly relies on your storage immediately, then prioritise simpler and quicker requests over it. You won’t earn too much finishing these types of quests before others. You can gain EXP by completing requests, along with useful items and coins each time.

Work your useful animals!

Important processes can be achieved using your animals. Always make sure that all productive animals are busy making nets, ropes, and wood. These items can be used to improve your existing buildings and build new ones. They also help you earn tons of coins, since these items can be traded and are popular with buying inhabitants. Also, once you’ve improved your storage properly, you can store better items used to create more complex wares to sell to islanders.

Production is NOT the only key.

Producing in-demand products is not the only way to make your island prosper. You also need to buy new income-generating items like new turtles and a grill once you reach a required stage in the game. You can also upgrade existing buildings and businesses, but keep in mind that this can be quite expensive. Weigh your options and always go for the cheaper route, since game currency and gems are quite difficult to accumulate. Once you can already afford to increase production, then that’s the time to upgrade.

There you have it, our Paradise Bay cheats and useful information for those who are patient enough to rebuild a forgotten island. Hope you enjoyed our guide and please don’t be shy to add more and comment below, if you have better strategies to share!

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