Pakka Pets Cheats

Have you ever tried Pakka pets without any help at all? You will notice that it is easier said than done, which is why the Pakka pets cheats, tips, strategies and guides can help you in making your game easier and less hassle.

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In this game, you are tasked to raise cute creators and they are called Pakkas. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Pakkas are eating on time, see to it that they are having a good time and most of all, let the Pakkas have the best things in life. You can download Pakka Pets for Android and Pakka Pets for iOS.

pakka pets cheats

It sounds easy right? Not from where I’m standing, because you will soon find out that each time you play, you will notice many things such as each pet is unique and has its own sets of likes and dislikes that will definitely make your head spin. As you play the game, you will be rewuired to raise moer than one pet, and at that time, you need to know what to do and when to do it. Since, you will realize that there are more than 50 Pakka Pets to come across, and more are on its way.

So, how do you get these Pakkas be fed on time, be filled with joy as well as know what to give and what not to provide? Here are some useful tips, cheats, guides and strategies to set you on your course to becoming the best Pakka raiser ever.

1. Know the basics

You need to know that there tons of Pakka pets out there, and the earlier you know, the better. It will also allow you be more in tuned with their ways, their differences and the process of raising them. You need to raise these Pakkas from their egg stage to the time of being adults and so forth. So knowing the simple process is vital for the betterment of the game. Remember, know the basics so that you can play it right and play it well.

2. Be careful on Raising the Pakkas

The thing with Pakkas is that their growth depends on how you raise them and it will also show on what type of pets they will become.

3. Get the Needed Essentials

Taking care of your Pakkas would not be successful without the needed essentials, so you need to have food, hygiene essentials, bag of hearts and other needs. You need these items to keep your Pakkas happy and full.

4. Poking is the Key

Once you see items appearing, you need to immediately poke it so that you can generate more hearts that you will need in the future.

5. Keep your Pakka Book Updated

You need your Pakka Book to determine the current situation of your Pakkas. It can guide you visit a doctor to know its health, its basic needs and wants and weigh its current status such as age, weight, its happiness scale and even on the training that it needs. Keeping your Pakka with you at all times and checking on it from time to time can help you make important actions that will make your Pakka grow stronger, mightier, and healthier.

6. Watch out for the Different Eggs

The game is all about knowing everything, which is why you need to know the different types of eggs that are appearing on screen because it can give you different kinds of Pakka pets.

7. Turn the Lights Off

If you want to make your Pakkas have a good sound sleep, you need to turn off the lights since Pakkas hate sleeping with the lights on. If your Pakkas are sleeping well, they will wake up happier and it would generate more hearts and rewards for you.

8. Watch your Inventory

Your inventory list is very important. It would give you a list of everything from food, to health, and resources. If you are watching your inventory, you will soon find out which items are currently depleting and which items are still many or low. With the inventory, you can be make future decisions such as stacking up on food or medicines and other important stuffs.

9. Decorate your Room

When you decorate your room, you make your Pakkas happier. Sometimes changing the wallpaper can help generate hearts and make your Pakkas joyful. It may sound simple but this action is actually helpful in making your Pakkas comfortable and at ease. You can also add toys and other items to beautify your room.

10. Take Time to Visit the Alchemy Bake Shop

One great thing about the alchemy bakeshop is that you can make food, items and other things. All you need to do is combine various items so that the alchemist can then mix it and give you new discovered items or foods.

11. Stack up on Hearts

It is important that you have many stacks of hearts so that when you visit the store, you can buy other things out there. So, how to get more hearts? Its simple, all you need to do is play with your Pakkas always and ensure that they are fed on time, having the great time of their lives and make sure that you are playing with them so that they will release new hearts to you.

12. Watch out for the Ads

Sometimes ads will appear and all you need to do is click them, give time to watch it so that other items will be unlocked for you, such as the bus or other things that will allow you to visit the Pakka kingdom, it will also allow you to get rewards such as rice or other items.

13. Do Quests

With this game, you need to do quests and be aware that each pet has its own quest; you can either find the sandwich thief or other things. The quests are important because it will provide training for your Pakkas and at the same time generate hearts and rewards.

So there you go, with these Pakka Pets cheats, tips and guides, you can play the game with so much thrills and fun.


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