PAC-MAN Pop High Score Tips

PAC-MAN Pop is a charming game similar to Puzzle-Bobble, but a bit different because you also need to complete goals to finish each stage. For example, you might be asked to save a number of pets, hit a few ghosts, or to collect fruits, etc. Graphics and gameplay-wise, it is simple and wholesome and is perfect for those who are looking for a light and fun game to pass the time.

For classic Pacman lovers, you’ll surely appreciate the sound whenever the bubbles hit the colourful balls or ghosts elsewhere on the screen.  This Bandai NAMCO game will surely be a hit! What are you waiting for? Read on to find out how to score high on PAC-MAN Pop!

Practice your aim and take your time!

Don’t hurry when trying to aim and shoot. There is no time limit, so you can really hit the right ball and avoid the ghosts and their antics. Play continuously to practice your aim and get used to the gameplay. You can also hit the ghosts several times during Pac Attack to turn them to blue and hit them once more when they do to make them disappear.

Take advantage of the sides!

Bounce the bubble/ball on the sides to reach hard-to-hit areas. The bubble will go continuously in as long as it hasn’t touched any of the bubbles on the upper half of the screen. You can use this technique to hit bubbles on the top-most area of the cluster.

Hit bubble clusters!

Remember, like any other bubble-popping/dropping game, you can also detach a considerable number of bubbles as long as the sides of the cluster is not touching other bubbles. The more bubbles you hit and ghosts you jail on one go, the better. Doing this can net you more points and bring you closer to achieving high score.

Combine moves and don’t forget to switch!

Drop ordinary and pet/fruit bubbles to gain more points. Like previously mentioned, the more you do with a single shot, the higher your score on that level will be. Another important thing to remember is to switch bubbles on your launcher if you don’t find any feasible moves for your current bubble. Players sometimes forget this important element, so they don’t get to take advantage of bubble switches. You’ll lose a level when your bubbles hit the critical level on the lower half of the screen.

Watch out and use power-ups!

Use your power ups well and you’ll go far into the game. However, be careful not to use them up indiscriminately because you will diminish your bubble count/potential level score if you do so. One or two power ups on really tight shots is ideal.

Think strategically!

As simple as this game is, you also need to strategize to make sure that you drop cluster after cluster of bubbles every time. When you find a cluster of bubbles that can potentially net you big points, build on it horizontally and hit the area/projection just in time to drop the entire cluster.

There you have it, our Pac-Man Pop tips and strategies to achieve high score! Share your game secrets and stats by commenting below!

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