OctoPie Cheats, Tips and Guide

OctoPie is a fun and simple pizza sling-shot game by Game Shakers and Nickelodeon. You get to play the main character that delivers pizza to customers’ windows by using its body like a makeshift catapult. All you need to do is to draw back like you normally would with a slingshot and fire away! Excited to be the top pizza delivery octopus and earn tons of dollars? Read on to learn our list of useful tips and OctoPie Cheats for beginners.

octopie cheats tips and guide

Customers pay differently.

Not all customers are created equal! Some pay more points and money than others do and you should know which ones will give out the most. Prioritise these characters so they won’t get bummed once you get delayed delivering pizza. The football player gives out the least number of points—and even throws a ball at you. Take him out first, so it won’t try to hit you with the ball while you’re serving other customers.

The purple lady and basketball player give out the most number of points. So attend to them next after serving the annoying football guy and followed by the rest. You don’t really need to memorise how much each of these people give, all you need to do is serve as many as you can and you’ll be fine. And last but not least, hit those pigeons to earn instant 6 points!

Anticipate the pigeon’s flight.

Pigeons fly and drop a little only to rise up again after. Knowing this means that you can anticipate where it will be a few moments before you launch your next pizza. Hit those pigeons for easy 6 points each tiem!

Customers get pique upset when delivery gets delayed.

Later on in the game, you’ll need to avoid more obstacles to make sure everyone gets a pizza. It gets more difficult to deliver the pizza when obstacles obstruct your line of sight. Three upset customers will instantly end the stage where you’re in.

Be quick and accurate.

You need to act quickly and aim accurately to make sure to deliver pizzas in one go. Don’t panic when you see pigeons obstructing your way—hit them all and earn more points.

Unlock parts, hats, and power-ups.

Purchase upgrades using your game currency or dollars. New parts and power-ups may be unlocked when you reach a certain level in the game, so play continuously and try to perfect each of your runs. You can buy hats to spruce up your pizza deliver octopus and to earn more bonuses. You can improve your accuracy and daze your enemies using these hats.

Steer your delivery octopus using accelerometer.

Each level ends in a bonus wherein you’ll direct your octopus to collect cash. You can actually use your accelerometer to do this easily. You can also do it without tilting your device, but it’s much harder to collect all those important cash without the accelerometer.

There you have our OctoPie cheats and basic techniques to earn more in this awesome game. Remember, be quick and accurate and always hit those important characters once in a while to rack up points and money. If you have better and more effective techniques, do share and comment below.

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