Notice Me Senpai Cheats and Guide for Beginners

Notice Me Senpai is an interesting slow-progression management game that puts you in the shoes of the first ever girl in an all-male private school. If you like typical love-struck anime characters who pine for the attention of upperclassmen, then you’ll find this game truly amusing! Get in the shoes of the main character and get all of the senpais to visit you café! Here is our list of Notice Me Senpai cheats and guide to making your café popular among the guys.

notice me senpai cheats

Game objective.

The premise in this cute Skillshot Labs game is that you are trying to get every senpai to visit your café and notice you. You do this by changing the way the place looks and attracting the senpais with their favourite coffee, items, and things to do. Collect all senpais and score 5 hearts from each of them for an awesome achievement!

Each senpai is unique.

Get to know about each guy by checking out their profiles. The number of hearts indicates if that boy is interested in you or not. The coffee, wallpaper, artwork, table games—all of these can get any one of them interested. To unlock the senpais, make sure to decorate your café with their top favourite things. This is usually the first item on each of their lists. This will also make them visit often and eventually interact with them and increase your score of hearts!

Experiment with various café themes to make the rarest ones to visit! The “Childhood Friend” senpai is a notoriously rare one to attract, so try various themes if none of his favourite items can make him visit your café.

Perfectly-brewed coffee, senpai visits, and CGs.

Coffee seems to be popular among the upperclassmen, so attract them with different coffee variants. Make them come visit often to earn those CGs! Some of them may be earned by earning 3-5 hearts. You may also get a holiday-themed café to earn related CGs as well. Earning 5 hearts will earn you a romantic moment/scene with that upperclassman!

There is a list where you can see how many times a guy should visit for you to earn letters and CGs. Always check this out to keep track of your potential achievements. Some upperclassmen need to visit a hundred times before you could receive these CGs, but some need to drop by only a few times.

Collect and save coins and gems.

Same with games of the same genre, gems can be used to improve your café and your menu. Rare senpais will then start visiting, especially if you switch your usual coffee to a better one. Coins earned can be converted in to gems, but you need to exchange a lot of coins for a few baubles.

Expand your café using coins to accommodate more visiting senpais. However, make sure to have extra coffee beans to serve all who come to visit. Earn back gems when new senpais check out your place.

These are some of the Notice Me Senpai cheats that we have compiled for beginners. Comment below if you have more tips to add!

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