Nonstop Knight Cheats and Techniques

Nonstop Knight is a fun mobile game that basically follows the adventure of a knight who doesn’t know how to stop fighting, dodging, and collecting gold coins!  This is perfect for those who love RPG, sans the slow and gradual progress.  Even without logging into the game, your knight will expertly kill minions and bosses like usual.  So check out our Nonstop Knight cheats and techniques to help you breeze through those bosses and advance several floors up.

nonstop knight cheats

Upgrade skills and weapons

Nonstop Knight is basically about levelling-up and boosting your skills, weapons, and equipment to slay minions and bosses.  Coins earned from battle are used to buy upgrades and you must always improve all your skills and weapons equally.  Moreover, there is a short time for cool down before you can use a certain skill again.  That being said, timing is also important so do not use special skills indiscriminately, wait for the opportune moment for optimal effect.

As for weapons and equipment, make sure to upgrade whenever possible and keep in mind that whatever new weapon or shield you might find will be of similar level to your current ones.

Don’t hoard old equipment

Sell useless weapons and equipment whenever you can.  Also, you will not be able to take all of these items once your character moves up to another level (ascension).  Instead, use the proceeds to upgrade or buy new ones.

Ascend when you’re ready

Bosses will always wait for your knight, so do not rush into fighting powerful monsters and make sure to fight only when you’re certain to win.  You can then “ascend” thereafter, but remember, you will not be able to bring all the weapons and equipment that you’ve accumulated in the previous level when you start on the first floor.  Funny that they should call it “ascension” when they actually mean you’ll go down the first level.  All the skills, runes, and experiences will be fortunately retained.  Ascension is an opportunity to rack up more gold coins, experience points, and gain permanent skills.

The power of Runes

Runes or mods are literally game-changers.  You can pick up runes that let you improve your attack speed and those that let you recover health.  You can carry up to four runes, but you can only use one at a time.

Play continuously using the idle mode

You can leave this game to play itself and it will require you to fight only when you’re about to face the boss.  After defeating the boss, you may close it again and it will play on idle mode.  Once you come back from a break, you will be notified of the number of minions your Knight has killed as well as the amount of gold coins earned.  You literally have no excuse to miss this game, since you can even play it while you’re at work, no need to constantly keep an eye out on how your knight is doing.

That’s all for our Nonstop Knight Cheats and useful techniques and info.  If you wish to add to our list, don’t hesitate to write on the comments below.

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