NinjAwesome Cheats

NinjAwesome is a retro platform game that follows the horizontal adventure of a—err, ninja, and will surely tickle your fancy.  It is fun, challenging, and has tons of missions for you to complete.  Defeat enemies, spy on them, and sabotage their plans to earn coins, new weapons, and bonuses!  Here are all the information and NinjAwesome cheats you need to complete each stage perfectly!

ninjawesome cheats

Collect all coins. 

Coins can be had by hitting those floating lanterns with your trusty shurikens, and each will give you 5 coins once it gets hit. You may also obtain a power up that will help you go through the obstacles with ease. Other ways to collect coins are by slaying enemies that come your way.  Just remember, though, that these coins need to be collected, when dropped.  So go back to pick them if you have to, but always watch out for the timer and your shuriken meter, you don’t want to spend them all bursting lanterns for a few pieces of coins.

Improve your ninja skills!

Plan how you will upgrade your ninja in such a way that it will benefit your game. Usually, the first thing to upgrade is the health meter. This will prolong your ninja’s life and he’ll be able to take more hits before he gets slain. And then you can go and invest in your shurikens to increase the amount that you can carry, or work on any other weapon that needs upgrading.

Don’t stop playing!

Choose the Endless Mode to carry on your game, even if you have completed all of your objectives. This will allow you to earn more coins and even obtain special items along the way.  New missions cannot be played immediately after you have completed your current one. You’ll have to wait a few minutes to play again, but don’t worry because there are tons of other things to do, while you’re waiting.

Complete the levels and missions to earn your chests. 

Earn chests with coins or bonus items by completing each level and fulfilling as much objectives as you can. If you need to collect three scrolls, then do so, this will help you amass useful items and coins that you can use to buy other things and to upgrade your skills. You can carry as many as four chests each time, but be forewarned! Open them first before heading on to play another round for more chests. Or else, you won’t be able to carry more and you’ll have wasted time completing an entire level.

Don’t wait too long to break the statues.

You’ll encounter grey statues once in a while, but you can actually destroy them by rolling quickly. Check out the bar under your shuriken meter to know if you’re ready to smash the figure. The meter is pretty quick to recover, but always check to see if it’s safe to do it another time, after one roll.  You might find lanterns and other nice items behind these figures, so always keep your eyes open for these details.

There’s our list of NinjAwesome cheats and basic details. Extra tricks up your sleeve?  Share it by commenting below!

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