Mr. Crab 2 Cheats, Tips and Guide

Mr. Crab 2 is a “sequel” that basically works the same way as the first instalment, but is a lot better in terms of graphics and challenge. For those who are not familiar with this fun platform game, Mr. Crab runs in a spiral collecting stars and baby crabs, while avoiding enemy creatures along the way. Here is our trusty list of Mr. Crab 2 cheats to help you subdue those adversaries and to take all of those baby crabs along with you!

mr crab 2 cheats

Game features and objectives.

The main objectives are to collect all of those baby crabs while avoiding enemies along the way, and earn three stars at the end of each run! You should also carry out other missions and collect as many stars as you can. It features awesome obstacles and a fun up-and-down, upward spiralling run! The crab will run on default and you need to tap in order for it to jump and move up the platform.

General direction is going up!

Much like the first Mr. Crab game, the general direction of the crustacean is upwards, wherein you need to reach a particular exit, instead of reaching for a big fruit to end the stage. You need to figure out how to free the baby crabs in some areas of the tower. It is important, however, to run around each level of the tower and check to see what you can collect first, before jumping to a raised area. This will allow you to scout the area better and to avoid leaving out any of the babies in really hard-to-reach corners of the spiral.

Don’t miss the babies!

Complete the required number of the babies to unlock more characters to play! You can go back for those you have left, as long as you haven’t tapped and proceeded to a higher level in the spiral. Try all of the movable parts that you will find while working your way up the spiral. Don’t move up until you freed the little ones and keep an eye on their count at the top of the screen.

Unlock new levels in exchange of stars!

Collecting stars should come in handy if you want to progress more quickly than the game allows you to. Unlock a new stage by paying 500 stars via the vending machine. Also, big stars are equivalent to more, so aim for those when collecting. Get more stars by playing the more difficult Wilderness stages.

Look for clues!

Your crab will walk on a sideways’ direction until it reaches a wall, which then prompts it to walk on the opposite direction. The crab’s eyes will give you an idea where to move next, as well as arrows that point up to the next level of the tower.

Sometimes, you may also need to swing or jump as high to earn those stars. Always scan the way your crab is supposed to go to ensure that you won’t miss baby crabs and finish satisfactorily.

That’s all for our Mr. Crab 2 cheats and basic info. Help us build our tips list better by leaving your comments below!

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