Mobius Final Fantasy Cheats, Tips and Guide

Here’s one for the books for all Final Fantasy fans out there. Mobius is the latest of all FF instalments and it looks like Square Enix struck another gold. With awesome 3D graphics and the fantastic story line, who could resist such an epic classic? Moreover, even with the superb features and arguably the easiest gaming experience of all series, it works really well on mobile devices. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out our Mobius Final Fantasy cheats and how you can efficiently spend your orbs for a truly satisfying game!

Mobius Final Fantasy cheats, tips and guide

Objectives and main features.

The main objective is to become the hero foretold in a prophecy that makes you the saviour of a decaying world by defeating enemies in battle, running on missions, taking jobs, exploring the realm, and customising your hero in detail. A beginner could easily feel overwhelmed with all of the game elements, but the key is to not skip the tutorial and to collect cards of various types of elements, fuse, and level up equally!

Collect game currency and spend!

Magicite is the premium currency of the game and you need it for purchasing new characters, tickets, jobs, etc. It can be had once every few hours for free, but it only lasts around two weeks. Make sure to purchase something that your hero can truly use. You will eventually be able to afford more expensive items and jobs later on, all you need to do is play continuously. On the other hand, Gil, the basic currency is just as important, so always try to collect these different currencies.

Understand game concepts so you don’t get lost in its massiveness.

Learn how the card and the tickets system works—the card slot on your far left will get the most EXP. All cards placed in this space will level up quicker than the rest. Always check back to see if the level has maxed out and put other cards to level up in place of it. Tickets on the other hand either upgrade your ability, cards, or get a new job to improve your hero’s power.

Elements and orbs!

On the concept of elements and jobs, hero and enemy characters have element affinities and vulnerabilities. There will surely be one with a specific element to challenge you. You can then counter it by using orbs that you collect along the way to minimise the damage it can deal. Break your enemy by using the cards with the right elements to defeat it.

Orbs may be collected more or less based on your job and element drive. However, use these orbs sparingly and only when you’re about to face off with a tough boss. You will be given a heads up before they strike a death blow, use your orb before your turn is over.

Fuse to improve cards’ abilities!

Finally, on the concept of fusion. This is where it gets really confusing for most. Simply put, fusion brings together different cards of different or the same elements to come up with a better one. You can improve the ability of that card OR increase the amount of skillseeds that it can generate post-battle. Experiment with different card combinations to come up with better abilities.

All of those things and we’ve only just scratched the surface! A better way to learn is to play the game first-hand. Hope you enjoyed our Mobius Final Fantasy cheats and don’t hesitate to add more if you have better tips to share!


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