MOBA Legends Cheats And Guide For Beginners

MOBA Legends is a real-time strategy battle game that is pretty much like the popular DOTA and League of Legends. With visually stunning graphics and interesting story line, you will surely find this an awesome game to include in your list. Play with your friends and together, defeat those bosses and the crystal thieving madman. Here is our overview and MOBA Legends cheats for beginners to get you started!

moba legends cheats

Game objectives.

The game requires you to defeat the enemies in weekly battles and short combats, to explore the map, to collect items and level-up, and to train and upgrade your main hero’s or Legend’s skills. Collect other legends to play against your enemies and level-up as well. Levelling-up will also improve the perks that you will receive.

Master the controls and get to know the story to really appreciate the game. Know what each of your Legends are capable of and what items you most need to be able to improve them.

Pick your favourite Legends.

Some legends complement each other, whereas others simply don’t. Choose the ones that you will send out to battle and make sure that they will work in such a way that their abilities are optimised. Choose a good mix of Legends in terms of type and range of attack and damage, and make sure to keep one that will help your stronger Legends to recover HP easily.

A balanced mix of Legends will almost certainly result to winning Arena competitions. Some heroes deal physical attacks, whereas some deal magic attacks. It is important to have both, so you won’t get overpowered by your opponents. Healers and tank-like Legends are also important to keep your formation well-protected.

Employ minions.

Minions are like your pawns. They are important in battle because they can but enough time for important Legends to escape or prepare for attack. They also distract your opponents from striking on your important heroes.

Play against other players.

Under the Arena mode, you can play against your friends or versus some random online player around the world. Always know your team’s strategy and make sure to stay in an area where you can deal the most damage against your enemies. Always check to see where you can position your Legend on the map.

Deal a lot of damage and finish quickly.

After completing a level, you will be rated based on how quickly you finished the stage and how heavy a damage your team dealt with your opponents. Strive to earn gold stars to net more bonuses such as runes, game currency, and special items that you can use in battles.

Sneak and flank.

Some Legends can be made to sneak and ambush your opponents’ important characters. Use the bush to hide and sidestep your enemies, so you can surprise them with your attack.

Defeat jungle creatures.

Monsters in the jungle may be defeated for special items, stamina, and game currency. Control the giant folk to wreak havoc against enemies, or gang up on him to earn tons of money.

Hope you enjoyed our MOBA Legends cheats and basic info for beginners. Comment below if you have more to add!

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