Moana Island Life Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Moana is one of the most recent animated movies from Disney. Now don’t worry if you haven’t seen the movie as you can still play Moana Island Life. The game is a simulation game where it is similar to city building games. In this case your going to manage your small island village. You’ll be accompanied by Moana and Maui as well as new characters. For the most part you just grow your village along with the flora, fauna and structures. You can always rely on our Moana Island Life hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

A nice trade

In Moana Island Life, there are two ways for you to earn some coins. One way is to sell your produce and items. The other way is to trade but in the case of trading, you may not always end up with coins as you can trade an item for another item. While selling is good, you should go for trading when you can. There are other benefits from trading aside from getting coins. First of all you can trade with some of the villagers. Trading items to them can also grant you some experience points. Plus when you trade with the villagers, it also improves your relationship with them. That means that you can unlock more items and trade with them some more later on. This is also better when you can unlock the canoe for more trades.

Keep your stocks in a good amount

One aspect of the game is of course is where you can plant crops and other vegetation. They grow overtime and you can use those produce as items to trade to the villagers. If you don’t want to trade them then you can just sell or save them for when you really need them. Now when you plant some produce, make sure that you have one of each produce in reserve. If your stocks are running out, be sure to plant more since they don’t grow that fast.

Always have something going

Speaking of your structures in Moana Island Life, you need to keep them producing some items. Attune your productions to the time that you can allocate to the game. If you plan on going offline then make sure these structures are producing something that takes hours until the next time you decide to log in. Have your structures do something so as you have more items for trade. It can be wasted time if they aren’t doing anything so just make sure that they are especially when you go offline.

Get some Jade

Jade is the premium currency in the game. If you don’t want to pay for real money to get Jade then leveling up is one way of doing it. You can get Jade when you level up so keep on doing trades to make it happen. The other way is to do the achievements. Doing the achievements take time but you can get some Jade when you complete them.

Raise your island village with the help of our Moana Island Life hack, cheats, tips and guide, the game can be downloaded from both iOS and Android.

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