Mighty Match Cheats and How to Be a Chicken Warrior

With all of the tile-pairing and match-three’s available nowadays, new games of similar genre are hard to notice. Just when we thought that this genre has become oversaturated, you’ll be surprised at how Mighty Match breaks the humdrum and offers us something different. The game is cross between simple RPG and match-3 genres and best of all, it promises no in-app purchases and ridiculous restrictions to dampen your game, double awesome!

Might Match Cheats

So here’s our guide on becoming the best chicken warrior and our Mighty Match cheats to help you progress in the game.

How to play.

Swiping and a keen sense of pattern recognition are the main skills that you need to succeed in the game. Swipe in various directions to move your chicken warrior and match the tiles to pop.  However, be careful because enemies are located at random spots and they could drop on you, if you are unlucky. When this happens, you can choose to move away to a different direction or fight the enemy. Eventually, you’ll have to battle it out to remove those who might be blocking your way.  Kills increase your XP points.

No limiting factors.

An awesome feature of the game is that there is no limit to the time or the number of movements required to finish a level. So take your time and plan out your adventure. The more kills you have and tiles you match, the better chances you’ll have levelling up and earning gold. However, if your health is running, low, simply evade your enemies for the time being, so you won’t get defeated. 

Upgrades and bonuses.

Gold is used for power-up purchases and XP and other bonuses are used for levelling up or boosting your chicken warrior’s skills. You can also watch videos in exchange for game currency if you need to purchase something but are short on ka-ching! Complete your missions and fulfil objectives for each level to gain gold and XP.

When it comes to upgrades, you can choose to boost either your chicken’s magic (mana) or physical skills (sword and shield), or both. You’ll know what works once you tried to play the game.  Unlock new weapons, equipment, and spells. Once you’ve powered them up full, you can still unlock new ones by purchasing them—watch the videos/ad to earn the gold. If you want to get rich or simply purchase awesome chicken power ups, then watch the videos over and over. We won’t judge.

Upgrade continuously.

Upgrade until all the star slots are full, and use game currency to buy more even after you’ve achieved all of the stars for each attribute. We would recommend you to balance out all the skills that your chicken has—not too magic-heavy and not too physical damage-heavy.

Here are the best suggestions we can come up with to help you on your journey to becoming the best chicken warrior evah! Hope you enjoyed our Mighty Match cheats, get silly and play it immediately and tell us if you have more chicken strategies by commenting below!

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