Meshi Quest Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Meshi Quest is a food serving simulation game. The game’s menu is pretty much Japanese food with the popular sushi being at the forefront. They say that making sushi is hard in real life and it takes years to master it. Don’t worry though as the game is easy enough for you to understand. Just tap and swipe to combine and make your sushi items a masterpiece. Be sure as well to use our Meshi Quest hack, cheats, tips and guide to make masterpieces.

Login timely

Meshi Quest rewards you when you login daily even if you don’t play the game. Keep in mind that when you go offline, you won’t be playing the game. The good thing though is that the game is still making money so be sure to login to claim the profits that you made offline. Then of course you get daily rewards when you login. You won’t only be able to get some login rewards but as well as profits.

Preparation is key

When you start playing a level, you have the time to prepare. That means that you can cook some of the food items beforehand. You also need to assemble the plates and other items on the table. You should do this before the customers start coming in. That way you wouldn’t be flustered when the orders start pouring in. Being prepared can help you a long way at least in the level.

Upgrade your restaurant

Your food can grant you some nice income however later on you have to upgrade your restaurant and your menu. That way you can generate more money per food item and with the profits that you make earn more when you’re offline. You can choose to upgrade one or the other unless you already have enough funds to go for both however upgrading both can be tricky. Just make sure that you upgrade at least one of them to make some nice profits in return.

Serving your customers

Serving food to your customers is the main deal in Meshi Quest. Different food items have different procedures but you need to follow the step by steps to it. Now here are just some ways that you can do to better serve your customers. Being prepared as we already stated is needed. You need to be speedy and accurate about the preparation of the food. Earlier on you will find it easy to serve since there will be a few customers coming in. Plus your food items wouldn’t be too complex at the time being. Be sure to serve the first customers or in the order that they came in. One other trick you can do is to not collect the money that drops on the customer’s chair. That hinders a new customer from coming in in case you want to catch up with your existing customers.

Get ready to serve your masterpieces with the help of our Meshi Quest hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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