Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats

One of the coolest Marvel superheroes action game is now free to download on App Store. This high quality game will surely be loved by players who wants to beat enemy superheroes.It may not be easy to defeat the opponents in Marvel Contest of Champions but here are some of Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for creating a winning strategy.

Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats

You can download Marvel Contest Of Champions here for iOS and here for Android.

Increase the level of the starting champions first

Begin by upgrading the existing champions immediately and put the level to the maximum as soon as possible. It is advisable to start with the character which is considered to be the strongest one. The Marvel Contest of Champions requires spending real money in order to acquire many champions in no time.

Prioritize the importance class bonuses

There will be instances where the characters will have a class bonus or a class penalty depending on the class which they are facing. Do not enter a battle having a penalty and make sure to swipe through the heroes most of the time to check if there is a class bonus. Choosing the easiest path will be easier once the gamer mastered how the class bonuses work.

Battles must be done with a block

Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats2

It is always better to be safe than sorry in Marvel Contest of Champions. Most of the enemies in the game start the round by attacking and they usually hit first. Starting with a block or swiping backwards work better especially when there is a counter attack that awaits the enemies.

Make it simple

Always keep the attacks simple and safe. The basic attacks are always preferable and building personal strategy to execute the combos will definitely be useful in the long run. While it is true that the big attacks create more damage, being safe is what keeps the player alive.

Make the most out of the versus matches

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Winning the versus matches is an effective way of collecting extra crystals to be used in the game. Send all the strong champions for battle for higher chances of gaining crystal.

Collect free crystals

Several freebies are available on the game. This includes a crystal that appears every four hours and a reward that contains nice heroes. Just be sure to log in when claiming crystals.

Finish 100% of each quest

Complete all quests before going to conquer the next one. This will give the 100% completion bonus and goodies that the heroes will surely love.

Study each character’s moves

There are heroes who have some special attacks, which will only be effective up close, and some abilities are ranged. Others have sliding attacks which are better compared with the quick attacks. Create an advantage on these heroes observation.

There will be times that the heroes will die, but this should not be the end. The ones left can still be used to keep on attacking since the damage that was inflicted is still there. Sometimes a sacrifice is need to make winning easier using the other superheroes.

These are just some of the Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide, stay tuned for more updates.

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