Mars: Mars Cheats, Tips and Strategies

A Martian expedition is quite a very attractive venture for some and if you are looking to travel to Mars via that Virgin space ship sometime in the future, then have fun and practice with a theoretically cheaper route in the game Mars: Mars using…Ta-dah! A low-fuel jet-pack! What kind of heartless people would think of this game, we’ll never know, but this tongue-in-cheek mission to the Red Planet will surely delight your fancy! Here is our list of useful Mars: Mars cheats if you ever want to try it!

mars mars cheats, tips and guide

Game objectives.

This game requires you to hop from platform-to-platform on an inadequate jet pack to refuel and to get to your destination. You can take selfies, bring in more adventurers, avoid obstacles, and collect bonus points.

How to fly using your pack.

Press left and right screen to move your pack to the next platform’s direction. And press both sides to lower yourself gently onto a stage. If you do not do it as gently as possible, chances are that you’ll explode. Also, if you do not get onto a platform before your fuel runs out, you’ll also explode once you hit the bottom. Keep in mind, though, that your fuel is finite and you only get around 10 short thrusts of your pack to get to a platform. You get much fewer times if you press-hold left, right, or both sides, so learn to manage the number and the way you press for fuel/thrust.

Take advantage of the first thrust!

The first push upward won’t use up any fuel, so make sure to aim at the right direction and press quickly or hold depending on the obstacles that lay before you. This will give you the momentum you’ll need to reach the next stage.

Watch for clues on the screen!

Always check out the figures and icons on the upper left side of the screen to see if you’ve almost used up your fuel for each turn. Also, the platform will give you clues as to the way that you are dropping in. A silent, yellow platform means that your speed upon descent is perfect. On the other hand, if you hear a characteristic beep and a red flashing platform, then make sure to hit both sides of your screen to gently ease yourself onto the platform.

Grab those coins and watch those ads!

Make sure to collect the floating coins by making short left and right thrusts for that extra height. However, if you think that doing so will use up all your fuel to help you ease yourself gently on the platform, then leave the coins be. You can always watch ads for a few seconds to earn a few of them after reaching a few platforms.

Save fuel on your descent.

You can save fuel while you’re on your way down by letting gravity pull you towards the platform and controlling your directions using short left or right bursts. However, don’t forget that you’ll need some fuel to ease yourself gently and prevent your untimely demise.

Estimate your trajectory to prevent using much fuel to align yourself onto the platform while making your descent.

Try to complete achievements!

Successfully jump from 6 platforms and you will get bonus points, coins, items, and/or unlock a player or a mode to play. You can also achieve combo bonuses once you’ve amassed a number of points by playing continuously.

There you have it, our Mars: Mars cheats and useful info. Try your luck in this galactic adventure and share your secrets and tips for achieving 360 perfect jumps by commenting below!

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