Maim Street Cheats, Tips and Guide

Fancy yourself saving hundreds of lives by courageously putting yourself in between cars and innocent people? Now’s the best time to do so! Maim Street is an exciting game that lets you become the hero and prevent pedestrians from getting run over. The result of being unable to stop the incoming vehicles is a somewhat bloody experience that you don’t really want to see—or imagine! So here is our list of Maim Street cheats to help you save more lives in this unforgiving game!

maim street cheats tips and guide

Game features and objectives.

Your aim is to block incoming vehicles and save as many people as possible in a single run. Use a variety of obstacles like traffic cones to prevent people from getting run over. Aside from blocking the vehicles, you can also punch them to buy time for some to cross. Earn power-ups and use them to save even more lives per stage.

Focus and don’t panic!

The first few stages of the ‘tutorial’ is probably the easiest in the game, so don’t lose control when the vehicles come and everyone starts crossing at the same time. You can’t save everybody! Pick a few group, walk alongside them and try to get them across.

Check the stats and hot keys.

You’re going to have to endure the brutal sound of someone getting run over, not to mention the blood on the pavement until the level ends. Check the stats on the upper right corner of your screen to know if a level is about to end.

Another important icon to constantly check out is the Main Menu, where the ways to unlock useful power-ups and goodies are listed. All of these will make each stage a lot easier and potentially increase the number of people that you can save!

Power-up droppings and bonuses.

Power-ups drop after an awesome combination. Do whatever it takes to get them to save more lives! You can turn into an exploding creature and take down a group of incoming vehicle. You can also earn bonuses at the end of each level. Skins and equipment used for blocking or knocking out vehicles are some of the items that you can get.

Useful weapons.

Weapons, like the Bazooka, are available for sale or rent. If you absolutely scorn in-app purchases, then watch the video ads to “borrow” it for a while. You can blast incoming cars in multiple lanes to let your people pass, helping you save more people for every stage.

Traffic cones.

These useful items can block a lane for a time, giving the pedestrians time to cross. Don’t forget to take advantage of them. However, don’t overdo it because you don’t want to queue cars behind the cones as it’ll take time to clear up the lanes.

Avoid queuing cars.

It takes a long time for cars to pass by when they get stuck in a queue, so avoid getting them in line and just let them drive by. Otherwise, you’ll get caught blocking just one lane and leaving the rest open, with cars hitting the innocent passengers. All that blood…just no.

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