All Limpy Run Cheats, Tips and Guide

All Limpy, as the name suggests, is a fun imitation of the sprinting game in the Olympics. This simple but challenging game will leave you breathless as you compete for your country as a favoured athlete running against various creatures! It is timely, fun, and the track is as random as can be! So here’s our All Limpy Run cheats and basic guide for silly but aspiring athletes out there!

all limpy run cheats, tips and guide

Objective and game premise.

Your objective is to top the contest and be first in each of the run against all other contestants. Also, you need to successfully jump the hurdles without crashing or falling, and resetting the game as a result.

Pick a small runner.

At first, you won’t have much choice in choosing a runner, but over time, you’ll get to unlock new players and you are better off choosing a smaller and sleeker runner than a big, awkward one.

Time your jumps!

Although this game requires as little as tapping to jump, you need to watch out when to actually tap! You cannot just hit the screen any moment because if you tap too early, your player could crash against a bar or water hurdle. The same thing will happen if you tap too late. A good strategy is to tap as close as possible to the hurdle for a successful jump.

Watch out for the arrows.

This game is an endless runner, so it is not exactly a race. Therefore, the role of the green arrows that appear overhead remains to be seen and known. The arrows probably warn you to tap a lot earlier than usual to avoid crashing against obstacles. Since speed is variable, you might as well consider this when you are running the track and adjust the point when you need to tap.

Don’t mind your funny-looking opponents!

Your opponents are essentially there to distract you! So don’t look at them while you’re running and doing the jumps. Focus on the obstacles in front of your runner and tap at the right moment. Otherwise, you won’t get past the third obstacle.

Distance is much more important than coins.

It’s great to be able to collect those coins, but make sure to get them only when you’re not running precariously, trying to avoid a lot of hurdles. You get free coins after each run anyway, and the longer you finish, the more coins will be given to you!

One clean jump is all you need!

Don’t tap multiple times when making a jump. It won’t make your jump higher and it certainly won’t help you clear the obstacle properly. Just one tap is fine. And don’t forget, tap at the right moment.

Get comfortable if you plan to run for a long time!

Try out a comfortable position if you want to run for over 500m! Some people tilt their devices, which seems to work, for some reason. On the other hand, some prefer not to hold their devices at all, so all they need to play is one of their fingers.

These are some of the few tips and All Limpy Run cheats we can come up at the moment. Please share your ideas by commenting below!

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