Leveled! Cheats and Basic Tips in Stacking

If you prefer cute and simplistic games to pass the time, then Leveled! is one that you should really try. Despite the minimalist concept, it does not compromise the appeal and challenge of the game. This surprisingly unpopular yet fun one-tap game is arguably the freshest under its genre. Best of all, it costs nothing to try out! Here’s our list of Leveled! cheats to help you assemble a high tower and complete level missions!


Game objectives.

level! cheatsThe idea is to stack up all the logs that fall as high as possible by tapping to make sure that the blocks/logs are even-sized when they rest on top of the pile. You have to make sure that the tower neither leans too much to the right nor to the left. Tap quickly and properly because timing is important to ensure that both sides are even.

This is a game that tests eye-finger coordination as well as reflex and will require plenty of patience and imagination.

Do not rush.

Fortunately, you can take all the time you need to make sure that your tower stays up! Perfect your timing and be extra careful.

Unlock new worlds.

You can do this by beating your own high score, reaching a certain level, and by playing via Facebook. Try adding your friends to play the game, too, who knows what other rewards or bonuses might be given!

What to do with single barrels and moving blocks.

Make sure to tap until a bigger barrel results and place it at the centre of the stack. This will allow you to place a plank more steadily, without tipping it to one side. Prevent the growing tower from leaning to one side as much as possible and keep it even as the planks and barrels continuously fall.

Reset just before your stack crumbles!

Don’t be shy to reset just before your tower falls and start again. That reset button on the upper left corner is your best friend and don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Compensate to keep the weight in the middle.

Keep the weight in the centre by adjusting the position of the next single-barrel a little to the right or left to prevent it from leaning too heavy on one side. Sometimes, the tower will naturally lean onto one side, you can offset this by placing the next single barrel/block/object against the opposite side to somehow keep the centre of gravity spread evenly across the stack objects. Sometimes, you can recover just in time. However, if you think not, refer to tip before this one.

Rescue your stack if possible.

Don’t give up on trying to rescue your tower if it leans too much on one side. Keep on stacking to the opposite side to recover it and re-distribute the weight evenly on both sides again.

Remember, this game is not the impatient! So if you are looking for a game that requires a lot of concentration and persistence, then download and play it now! If you have better ideas to add to our Leveled! cheats and basic guide, help other players and leave a comment below.

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