Legendary – Game of Heroes Cheats, Tips and Guide

Legendary – Game of Heroes is a mobile matching puzzle RPG of epic proportions! If you are looking for a novel, exciting, and visually satisfying game, then make way for this mobile game by N3twork Inc. It requires you to collect heroes and evolve them, play match-threes to bring out their powers, and to strategize and win battles by considering each of the cards’ affinities and vulnerabilities, along with the tiles that you are matching. So what are you waiting for? Read on for Legendary Game of Heroes cheats and ideas that might be useful for you!

legendary games of heroes cheats, tips and guide


Never skip this part no matter how easy the gameplay seems for you. For many, it will take some time to learn this game and with all the ways of strategizing and all the types of characters that are available, you will really be challenged to push the envelope and see how much damage each can deal against the enemies.

Balance out the heroes that you will send to battle.

Heroes have affinities and vulnerabilities that you need to consider when picking cards to play against the enemies. Water defeats fire, fire defeats earth, and earth defeats water. You can view each of the characters’ affinity and abilities before each set of battle starts. However, the matching game makes it all the more complicated because you need to pick the right combination to create a powerful attack from the right heroes. So use a combination of heroes, so you won’t get stuck with a few matching choices.

Watch out for enemy’s turn!

Pan out to the side of the enemies and you’ll see small numbers at the bottom where their health bars are. These figures denote the number of turns before they strike. Hit an enemy with the Chill when that number whittles down to one to make that character lose another set of turns. Also, complete the stage within a few turns to earn perfect stars and excellent bonuses!

Combos can deal plenty of damage.

Unlike typical matching games, you can create two or more moves on the board within a short time to create a combination of attacks. Notice that a green light crosses the health bar as soon as you make a match. Make another match just before the light reaches the other end of your health bar for a combo move. You can do this repeatedly as long as you do it within the allotted time. Once the light crosses your health bar to the other end, then the matches will translate into attacks.

End a combo with a bang!

Prepare your next move by moving one gem to a strategic location at the end of your chosen combos. You won’t make a match, but it will pave way to better combos on your next turn!

Healers will always save the day!

Heroes that heal can help you recover a certain percentage of your health at a time, so bring one in case you have extra room for one. You can also use them to convert some of the gems into pink hearts, which you can also match to recover some of your lost health.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed some of our tips and Legendary Game of Heroes cheats. Do share your game reactions and suggestions by commenting below!

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