Kubo: A Samurai Quest Cheats, Tips and Guide

Kubo: A Samurai Quest is another obligatory post-movie game by Fifth Journey Limited and it is surprisingly fun for its mixed genre. It is a match-3 origami adventure game that is free-to-play via iOS and Android. This game lets you collect and evolve origami creatures to beat the paper monsters that plague the villages. So start your adventure now with our list of Kubo: A Samurai Quest cheats to help you enjoy the game better!

Kubo A Samurai Quest cheats, tips and guide

Always complete the level objective.

Each level has a different objective that you need to fulfil. If you are not too careful, you could end up matching all of the colours available on the board, except for the ones that you really need to match. Also, sometimes, you will be asked to defeat an enemy using a few number of origami allies.

On the other hand, storytelling stages are clocked and you must match select colours of charms before the time is up! Always check the objectives before you go on matching without a care in the world.

Origamis have elemental affinity!

At around Level 18 or so, you will be introduced to various types of elements that you need to consider to defeat enemies. Before a game starts, choose the types of allies that you must bring. Always send to battle only those that the enemy is vulnerable against! Some enemies have really powerful physical attack, while some have high magic attack. Bring origami allies that can take on the enemy at hand.

Use coins to buy boxes and evolve!

Boxes may contain origamis that you can use for upgrading/evolving your allies, so save your coins for the more important things, rather than buying some of the boosts with negligible uses.

Collect and evolve rare origamis for powerful hits!

You’ll initially start out with common origamis, but will earn better ones once you play continuously. Try to complete the stage with flying colours, meaning you must earn three stars each time to achieve even better bonuses! Boxes are earned at the end of each level and you can earn origamis that you can use to level up or evolve existing ones. Focus on upgrades and evolutions because hearts won’t always be effective especially when an origami monster unleashes its super powers!

Use typical Match-3 strategies!

If you need to meet a total number of points, use typical tactics that you’ll use for match-three games like match more than three charms to get power-ups, and to match at the bottom area of the board for accidental combos! On the other hand, when facing an enemy in battle, make sure to prioritise swords for physical attacks. Make sure that your move will be followed by more resulting combos to take out a large chunk of the enemy’s HP. Hearts seem to favour the enemy more, so focus on attacking, rather than combining hearts.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed some of our Kubo: A Samurai Quest cheats that are written out just for you! If you have more strategies to share, do comment below to help our fellow players enjoy the game better!

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