Klocki Cheats, Tips and Guide

Can’t have enough of quiet, confusing, but worthwhile puzzles? Here’s one that you should include on top of your list. Move tiles around creatively to create figures in Klocki and share your progress with friends! Be forewarned, though, to stay away from this game if you lack the patience and need tons of guidance and instructions to play—because this game leaves you to fend for yourself. If you want to try it, here are our Klocki cheats and useful techniques to get through the puzzle tables without going mad!

klocki cheats

Game features and objective.

The game features tiles with lines that you can move in different directions. Your aim is to connect the lines together. You’ll know when you’ve done it correctly when the pink lines turn to white and the game automatically moves to a different puzzle table. You might get annoyed at the lack of hints, instructions, and whatnot, but you’ll be surprised at the number of players who find the game quite appealing.

Get your clues from the tile movements.

At the early part of the game, you’ll notice that tiles have limited movements. This should give you a clue how to rotate or position each tile. For example, if you find vertical or horizontal lines on both tiles, you’ll know that you need to connect the two to get one straight line. However, that’s putting it simplistically. The more you progress in the game, the harder it gets because each time, the tiles stack up and the lines increase. It’s basically a trial-and-error thing most of the time.

Not all patterns are regular.

At the start of the game, you might find symmetrical patterns like a square or a line, but as you progress, the resulting figures are more irregular or uneven. So think out of the usual.

Difficult levels.

Later on in the game, you’ll encounter 3D puzzles that involve stacked-together cubes and irregular lines. Always start out by looking for a possible continuous line through the planes. Just tap-rotate until you switch a light on, and then move forward until the entire figure lights up. Dots can also make things a lot more confusing, learn to count and imagine patterns when you’re dealing with levels that have dots and solid lines together. Also, dots, unlike lines, can jump to a different plane, so keep this in mind when playing these levels.

Work from left to right, instead of just starting somewhere random and moving to the periphery. Work on dotted figures first, before the solid ones or vice versa and take things one at a time. Further on, you’ll encounter levers that rotate a portion of the figure. Do things one at a time and move from one side to another to avoid roadblocks.

Potential focal points.

Watch out for corners and perpendicular (T) lines that have limited direction to eliminate wrong moves that you were originally planning to do. Build on fixed sections before going to movable pieces. Wheels also have limited movements or directions, so figure out the lines around it first, before moving on to other sections of the puzzle.

Move your device around to see the figure in a different orientation. You just might find something that might click or might make you solve the puzzle.

There you have it. We hope you find our Klocki cheats and techniques helpful. Enjoy and share your techniques by commenting below!

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