Kickerinho World Cheats And Guides

Kickerinho World is a fun and straightforward game that allows you to juggle and dribble for as long as you can to come up with the best combinations.  Treat yourself to fun HD graphics and realistic audio that will take you around the world, available in iOS and Android.

An important part of the game play is timing and excellent finger-eye coordination skills are a must for you to come up with awesome tricks and points.  The game is quite straightforward and the objective is to keep going without dropping the ball, so here are our basic Kickerinho World cheats, if you want to be the king of juggling.

Kickerinho World  Cheats

Practice makes perfect.

Practice repeatedly until you can complete a level without too many errors.  A perfect score for each level will double your XP, so improve your coordination and timing by doing your drills over and over.  If you are not satisfied with your initial drill, then simply let the ball drop to reset the level and start again to aim for a better or perfect stage.

Naturally, each stage will become more challenging and will require you to perform even more complex tricks and drills.  You will need to remember each basic trick via the tutorials and create combinations based on what is required on each level.  Practice and keep doing the drills over and over until you’re confident that you can complete an entire sequence without making mistakes.

Perfect juggling ball with your knees.

Knee juggling is quite possibly the most difficult to master because it’s hard to lift the knee immediately after the ball comes into contact with the foot.  There window to transition into a knee juggle is very slim and you don’t want to miss a knee juggle when the game tells you to.  Also, earn more points when you perform more complicated tricks using the knee juggle.

Join a team and take advantage of achievements.

It’s always fun to join a team or a league to compare your scores with, and even more if your friends make up that league!  At level 3, you may unlock league mode, so play together and complete quests to earn gems and coins.  Make sure to wait for other opportunities to complete new achievements for more bonuses for the entire team.  They won’t go away until you complete them, so make the most of them.

Complete challenges and learn new combos.

New skills and combos can be learned when you complete individual challenges.  Try to take on even more difficult ones to gain new tricks and combinations.  Challenges progressively become difficult when you complete one.  But always remember, the tougher the task, the more points you’ll earn as well once you complete it.

These are all our Kickerinho World cheats!  Now hurry and be the best juggler and dribbler in the game world.  A really simple game with super challenging objectives, it’s a worthy time-waster to add to your game collection.  Comment below to share your tips and tricks.

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