Kick Hero Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide; Unparelleled

Win the game and be the greatest kick hero of all time. If that is your game dream, then you certainly need Kick Hero Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to help you along the way. In addition, here are some of the Kick Hero Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide that is unparalleled to the core. You can download the game here for iOS and here for Android.


Be Focus

If you want to be the hero, you need to focus and you need to do it right. Always keep your eyes on the ball. Make sure that it is strongly followed because once you take your eyes off the ball, then that is the time that the game would sway away from your favor.

Use the Shockwave

If you want to give a perfect kick, you need a shockwave and in order for you to win, you can use the shockwave to win the game. The shockwave can defeat all of the terrible guys that are shown on your screen and it can also be used as a clearing too that can defeat your enemies as well.

Use the Late Style

Do not think that being late can have no impact because it is ever to be late in kicking than not being able to kick it all. You can hit the ball even if it does not touch your reticle because that will still count for you. Also, it will generate more resources for you as well.

Be Wary of Fastballs

Fastballs can be a pain while playing the game, so you need to watch out for this fastballs and be constantly on the lookout for them. Any ball can ricochet back at such a fast speed, which is out watching out for fastballs are crucial if you want to win the game. if you want to gain a good combo, try to keep watch of fastballs first and then execute your move.


If you want to win and hit more with such great speed and result, you need to practice well and practice hard. Get in tuned with your style, with your timing and practice hitting the ball until you are able to master it.

Be Patient

The game is all about taking the time and taking each stride slowly. It may seem natural to constantly be fast and on the move but being patient and taking things slow can define your game and your success.

There you go, here are just some of the unparalleled Kick Hero Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for you to use anytime.

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