Ketchapp Basketball Cheats & Guide to Scoring

Looking for a no-frills basketball shooting game? Then practice your aim and reflex with Ketchapp Basketball.  It is easy, clean-looking, and has four different modes to choose from. However, don’t underestimate this simplistic swiping game, it can be pretty difficult to score high on the leaderboard! Check out our guide, tips, and Ketchapp Basketball cheats to get started!

Ketchapp Basketball cheats

Practice swiping.

Perfect aiming and swiping skills are what will take you to the league of legends in this mobile game. So practice and develop a good swiping. Once you know how to control it, then you are good to go. The game gets difficult when the hoops move around and call for angled shots, so practice these to nail your shots each time.

Score high on the four game modes.

Various modes are available for you to choose from. You have the time-bound and the endless modes, as well as modified basketball shooting game modes wherein you have to bounce the ball against a wall and/or shoot on multiple hoops that move laterally across the plane. If you don’t like the feeling of being rushed, you can choose the two latter modes, whereas if you want a classic and competitive hoops games, then opt for the Time Challenge and compare your high scores with your friends’.

Don’t rush the game on non-timed modes. 

Playing the endless mode is a great way to practice and to get the feel of the game. No need to hurry to shoot a certain number of hoops. You can stop whenever you want or when you feel comfortable and that you can already take on timed games.

Score a clean hoop and some stars!

Always aim to shoot the ball at the middle of the hoop for 2 points. On the other hand, you get 1 point if the ball touches the rim and falls into the basket. So always aim for a clean hoop!  Initially, you can just trace a clean line into the middle of the hoop, but as the game progresses, you will need to do it more quickly and accurately. Stars may also appear any given time, you may opt to shoot and hit them, or you may not—aiming for the basket is a lot more important.

Anticipate the hoops and avoid corner shots.

Later on in the game, the hoop will start moving sideways. A good way to nail angled shots is to anticipate where the hoop will go and make the shot. Don’t shoot at the hoop’s current direction or you won’t make it. Also, with regards to corner shots, they can be difficult to perfect, so wait until the hoop changes direction, then you won’t miss a basket.

Play daily.

Playing daily or for longer hours will gain you plenty of bonuses. Make sure to get back to the game when you notice you have a lot of time to waste.

There you have it. Our Ketchapp Basketball cheats and some really basic guides to help you score big. Comment below if you have more!

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