Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Cheats and Beginners’ Guide

Fan of Iron Maiden’s music? Then check out this RPG game inspired by the popular heavy metal band’s work and other elements. The game follows the story of Eddie (after Eddie the Head) and his quest to find pieces of his soul strewn on Earth. What are you waiting for? Here is our Iron Maiden: Legacy of Beast Cheats and guide for beginners to help you get started.

iron maiden- legacy of the beast

Game objectives.

The story line starts when Eddie gets blasted and pieces/shards of him get strewn onto Earth. The objectives are to defeat monstrous-looking enemies and find these shards, to level-up characters, and to collect power-ups (talismans) that are typical in this type of game.

Daily bonuses.

Earn bonuses by playing daily and inviting your friends to play. You may also use their tough characters to help you in the game.

How to launch an attack.

The gameplay requires a small learning curve for a beginner RPG player. To begin attack, choose the opponent that you wish to go first. Glowing green circle around your foe means they are vulnerable, whereas red means otherwise. Take down the weaker enemy first. However, if both enemies deal considerable damage, take down the stronger one first—attack wisely!

Know your character’s abilities.

Your main hero in the game is Holy Smokes Eddie, but you will have other heroes to help you with as you go deeper into the game. Each of the chaps and creatures in the game vary in what they can and cannot do. View their skills and powers by selecting the character and long-pressing the “i” button. Players are classified into classes and you can shuffle them accordingly based on their affinities or vulnerabilities, as shown on the pre-fight board. Don’t forget to lock the really good ones, so you don’t accidentally sell or discard them away.

Time your attacks.

In terms of each of your characters’ attacks, some involve follow-up tapping after hitting the initial attack button, whereas some are much simpler and no need for supplemental tapping at all. Always focus and be ready because additional commands may flash onscreen to complete an attack.

A special attack is meant to be used on tougher enemies like the bosses. Try not to use it aimlessly because you need to wait for the cool down period before you can use it again.

Use talismans.

Collect talismans and equip the character that needs a boost somewhere in his skills list. You can also exchange your allies’ talismans to experiment with their skills and abilities, and sell them when you find better ones along the way.

Complete stage objectives.

Fulfil all level missions to unlock new locations. These secret settings can be played over and over to earn XP, coins, and golden masks. Try to unlock all of them, especially tougher to beat locations because they can help you find more soul fragments, level up, and evolve your characters more quickly.

Since skill shards and fragments may not come just as easily, focus on upgrading Eddie and a few of your favourite characters. Don’t try to upgrade everyone on your list, so you won’t use up all of the important items needed for boosts.

These are some useful Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast cheats and guide for the newbies. Comment below if you have more secret strategies to add!

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