Iron Commander Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Iron Commander is a multiplayer online game that will require you to build and manage your base, train your soldiers, defend your turf, and fight with your allies to conquer the world. Play with your friends and create your own team to help you improve your chances of taking over your opponents’ territories! Here is our list of Iron Commander cheats and basic guide to conquering the world!

iron commander cheats

Features and objectives of the game.

In this game, you will be required to establish your base from the ground up, to manage it, and to win battles with your allies. Explore the realm and complete quests in order. Try out different strategies to win each of your battles and create a competent army to help you defeat and execute other commanders.

Embark on quests for bonuses.

Complete your main and side quests to earn bonus points, currency, and items that you can use to purchase upgrades. You will also see how the story develops by carrying out your main missions. There are three types of quests: the main, daily, and alliance. Try to fulfil these each time you play and you will surely earn tons of great items and earn valuable skills as well. Alliance quests will reward you and your teammates.

Take on longer quests, since you can play the game even if you’re out. You can always take breaks and come back when you have time and by playing long missions, you won’t have to play actively all of the time.

Invite your friends to play.

While playing solo is possible, you can only go so far because it will take time to build and you’ll be required even more to defeat your enemies single-handedly. You might not even come close to “defeating” them if you’re on your own, so play with your friends and join a team. Your allies can help you hasten your task completion. They can also help you defend your base when a different team attacks you.

Earn gifts and special items.

Open mystery gifts and wait a few minutes to unlock more to earn items that you can use for building and upgrading. Later on in the game, it will take a little longer to open a new mystery gift, but the items that you earn will become a lot more special.

Invest and upgrade in equipment.

Build tanks and upgrade your tower defences whenever possible. Also, look for resources for city and army upkeep. Defeating your enemies will earn you some resources, so do this often to have more than enough to keep your cause going. Check out the Science Center to know which elements in your base need upgrading. You can boost your soldiers’ skills and create really powerful ones, upgrade and unlock defence features, and improve your economics or finances to better your production.

Enjoy our list of Iron Commander cheats and basic guide on conquering your enemies. Let us know if you have better strategies by commenting below.

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