Hungry Shark Evolutions Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The latest of Ubisoft’s successful line of shark games will let you rule the water world as an insatiable predator, eating everything from small fish to clueless people frolicking in the water! A little grisly at times, this game will require you to search for food, treasures, and complete missions both simple and dangerous! Here are some useful advices and Hungry Shark Evolution hack and cheats to ensure that your slayer ends up being the king of the ocean!

hungry shark evolution hack, cheats

How to play.

Manoeuvre the shark to schools of fish by steering it to the right direction using the area on the right and boost its speed using the small area on the left of the screen. Don’t press hold on the boost, however, or your shark will quickly lose steam and go hungry. Wait for the frenzy, when you can literally eat anything you like!

Complete missions.

Get missions done by eating the required type or number of fish, searching for missing chests or XL sharks, devouring a few number of birds or humans—basically do anything that the game asks you. Don’t swim without purpose or you’ll starve to death. Keep moving and keep eating everything that’s smaller than you are. Eat an entire school of fish to earn bonuses!

Avoid booby traps and bigger sharks!

See the weird circular things with spikes? Those are bombs, and you’ll be better staying away from them because you could get killed. Also stay away from bigger sharks that could eat you, as well as fish that deliver electricity shock that could potentially stun you. You could be rendered motionless for a few seconds, enough for bigger sharks to notice and eat you. Also, while you’re starving or recovering your strength, you must stay away from trouble because if an enemy hits you…nada, you’re gone.

Invest on a map!

Map out the ocean floor using err, maps purchased from the store! This could prevent you from reaching a dead end, using up all of your energy, and dying in a “watery grave”. You’ll know when you’re starving because your shark changes colour and the word STARVING flashes out angrily telling you your fish is hungry. If that’s not enough to warn you, you’ll notice that the boost is already failing you and your shark loses its speed. Look for the letters that spell H-U-N-G-R-Y and achieve level missions.

Use coins to upgrade your shark!

Upgrade your shark’s bite, speed, and boost to make it an even more perfect predator. If your shark is big, prioritise speed and boost, whereas if your shark is small, then focus on its bite to improve its killing prowess. To earn more coins aside from eating those nice-coloured once, move the date of your device a day forward to see if you’ll get daily coin bonus, worth a try.

Fish are colour-coded!

Fish you eat can give you gems and gold. So watch out for the really good ones and don’t pass the chance to feed on them, except, of course if there’s a bigger shark around. In case a bigger fish gets to you and finishes you, you can still continue your game in exchange for gems or by watching a 20 to 30-second ad.

There you have them our useful tips and Hungry Shark Evolution hack and cheats. Make sure to comment below if you want to add more!

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