How To Create Custom Skin In Minecraft

Minecraft’s all about creativity, individuality, and making your mark, so why on Notch’s green, blocky earth are you still wearing that boring default skin? It’s time to wrap yourself in a brand-spanking new layer of loveliness by following our Minecraft Master’s foolproof step-by-step guide. She’s a real stickler for procedure, you know – that’s why we call her JennyRated…


The first rule of Minecraft? Well, we’re talking about it, so it can’t be that. It’s getting yourself sorted with the right tools, of course. There are plenty of decent skin creators out there on the good ship internet. You could head straight on over to or, alternatively, – they both offer neat ways to satisfy your personalised epidermis needs. Our favourite site by far, however, is www. It’s wonderfully easy to use, and has a great range of editing options that make getting creative less frustrating and more fun.


You’ve got a couple of options to start with. This particular editor has a database of player skins for you to use as a handy template for your own creation. Simply pop a Minecraft username into the search function – we chose our lord and saviour Notch, obviously – and you’ll be gifted their skin on a gridded platter to manipulate to your liking. There’s no way for that not to sound creepy, is there? You can save yourself the shudders by starting off with a totally blank slate, if you prefer.


It’s time to lay the foundations of your Michelangelesque masterpiece. If you’re not the obsessive pixel-by-pixel type, don’t worry. You can slap a load of colour over every available surface of your custom skin by using the Fill tool, or changing the size of your paintbrush. That little diagonal two-pixel icon is where the magic truly happens, though. Toggle it on, and strokes automatically apply a camo-like effect to your paintjob, making typically textured elements like clothes and hair look effortlessly snazzy. A perfect ‘do without the hassle? How do we transplant this function into real life, please and thank you?


There’s nothing worse than spending ages fine-tuning an awesome custom skin, then loading it in the game and discovering you neglected to paint your armpits. Enter the handy body-part selector system. By clicking the mini Steve-a-like figure in the bottom right, you can make each section of your skin appear and disappear at will. With pesky limbs out of the way, you can make sure you get into all those sneaky crevices.


You’ve managed to put some clothes on. Now for the best part: accessorising. With the base layer down, add some personal touches: laces in your boots, flowers in your hair, some bling on your wrist, logos on your clothes… Don’t be afraid to delve back into that skin database for some style inspiration. Now, what else is an essential accessory? Oh, eyes, yeah. You should probably stick some peepers on your noggin.


It’s aliiiiive! Now let’s get that fancy new avatar up and running in your Minecraft world. Click that little square icon with the swooshy arrow, and you’ll see several options with which you can export your custom skin. If you’re very proud of your painstaking creation, you’ll want to hit that “Download to Computer” option: it’ll make sure all your hard work is saved properly.


We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The easy way? There’s a “Change Skin” button just above the download option. That’ll take you straight to (imagine that) via a shortcut: log in, and then wearing your brand new face is just a click or two away. The hard way? Manually go to, choose the “Profile” tab, and upload your custom skin file from your computer. Alright, both ways are pretty simple.


Open a Minecraft world, hit F5, and have a good gawp at your gorgeous self. Congratulations! Your face has now officially been procedurally JennyRated. Ten outta ten. Now go spam Minestagram with a million selfies of your new look. #aesthetic.


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