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Homescapes is brought to you by Playrix Games. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because they are the same people that brought you Gardenscapes. The good thing though is that the same character Austin is making a comeback here. You may remember him as the guy that helped you run your garden. In this game, he is back at his parents’ home where he needs to do a lot of fixing up. You must help Austin restore his parents’ home to its former glory. That means you have to tackle different puzzles and objectives so that you can unlock more content and change the house to how it should look. In order to help you tackle this game, you can use our Homescapes hack, cheats, tips, and guide.

Worry about decorating your home later

One of the selling points of Homescapes is that you get to redecorate parts of your home. This happens in a progression based mechanic. Like you only start off with one area like let’s say your bedroom and then move on to the next. Every time you unlock an area you are given one free decoration and you have to buy the other choices should you want to. Early on in the game especially when you don’t have too many coins to spare, you shouldn’t worry about extensive decorations yet.

The thing that you need to worry about early on is just to focus on the story and unlock more areas. You can always get more coins later with the newer levels. Players tend to make a mistake that they should make an area look the best at the start. You’d just be wasting coins at the start of the game. Don’t worry as you won’t get some kind of incentive if you do choose to decorate your house. Plus think of decorating as a downtime when your bored playing the puzzles. Just remember that these coins aren’t easy to come by so save them for later.

Watch your moves and stick to the objectives

Let us proceed with the puzzles in the game since decorations take up a small part of the game. The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at your objectives. Normally you are given tasks to complete with X number of tiles. Let’s say you need to get 16 red tiles and 40 blue tiles. That sounds easy but the other thing is that you have a limited number of moves per level. If you lose all of those moves, then the level is lost. It is best to just stick to the objectives and don’t go for extra coins. The good thing is that when you complete the level you get some bonuses if there are more moves left. The other thing is that no matter how much moves you save if you fail the level you won’t get anything.

Taking your time with the puzzles

One good thing that you can do is to take your time. In each level, there is no time limit so you don’t need to be rushing into things. You should scan the board out first before you match things up. Plus remember when you match the right tiles, you can get power-ups that help you clear the board much faster. Faster in a sense where you don’t spend a lot of moves since again, there is no time limit.

Plus here’s another trick that you can do. When you don’t do anything for a couple of seconds or you’re just genuinely stuck on what to do, several tiles will be moving and it’s a signal to give you a clue in which tiles you can move to match. Be careful though as sometimes these aren’t the tiles that you necessarily need because the game just automatically suggests them but then again they usually suggest the ones that can make power-ups.

Knowing the Power-Ups

We mentioned earlier that you have power-ups that you can use. There are of course the boosters which are the same power-ups you can get in the game. You can choose at the start of the level if you want to use boosters or not. This one is a bit of a hit or a miss but for a level that you haven’t completed yet, don’t use boosters. If you fail then you would already know what to expect from the level. This allows you to know what boosters to use the next time you tackle the level again. Even then, the boosters can only go so far but it is good to have them just in case and they don’t go away if you don’t use them.

Now let’s go to the power-ups. There are five notable power-ups that you can use. The vertical and horizontal rockets will clear out all the tiles in their designated target area. Then there’s the bomb that clear an area of tiles in a small radius. The rainbow bomb will destroy tiles of the same color depending on which one you target. The airplane power-up clears out a small area near it and then flies to a tile that is one of your targets. There are other power-ups like the hammer but these are given to you in limited numbers per level and none in some as there is no need for them.

When to use power-ups

Now using power-ups is something that you should take into consideration. In the later levels, you don’t use them simply because they are there. They don’t go away for a period of time so even if they are just there, they won’t be going anywhere. Just save them when you need to or use them when they are needed.

For example, the airplane power-up can be a hit or a miss simply because it costs 1 move and it may not be necessary to use it unless you have targeted tiles in a separate field. One other nice trick is that you can simply double tap power-ups. Normally you have to swipe them to get good results but in some cases like the vertical and horizontal rockets, double tapping them on the same field will allow you to clear that line. Our Homescapes hack, cheats, tips, and guide will definitely help you when it comes to using your power-ups.

Getting free and more coins

Coins are the in-game currency that you can get. There are several ways for you to get some coins. The best way is to pay for the coins with real money. There are some good and fair deals when it comes to buying these coins. They are bundled with price and how much coins you’re going to get. The good thing is that you can spend very little or spend a lot of good deals. Now, what if you don’t want to get coins with money?

The game is a bit generous when It comes to coins but maybe not enough if you don’t intend on spending money on the game. The next way to get coins for free is by completing the day. You need to complete all the tasks for that particular day. When you do so, you are awarded some coins and maybe more items in the later days. One other way is to watch videos that the game provides. You don’t need to watch it but just let it play so that you can claim the coins after. Then finally as we said, you can get more coins if you have more moves left in each level. If you’re not concerned about hearts, then try to complete a level in the best way possible. Intentionally fail a level so that you can redo it again and get the best results if possible which leads to more coins.

When to use your coins

When you complete a level, you get some coins. Going back to what we said earlier, the more moves you have left after the level ends means the more coins you can get at the end. You can use coins to buy the other decorations that you didn’t choose. We mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t spend coins right away on these because the reason is that it can be tricky to get coins since you can’t replay older levels. The later levels can be tricky so that means that you can’t farm coins. The good thing is that there are other ways to get coins. You can get them when a day is over but even then you only get so much.

If you choose to continue with coins then make sure to do so when you’ve nearly completed the level. Don’t continue if you still have like a ton of objectives to complete. It is better to just spend one life and replay the level all over again. When it comes to the decorations, you can choose to buy one of them aside from the free ones you get. You don’t need to own all of them right away and this saves you some coins especially if you don’t want to spend money on the game.

Connect through Facebook

You can connect your Homescapes account to your Facebook. In order to do this, just click on the Facebook icon in the game. You will then be asked to log in your Facebook account and sync everything up. Once you’ve done it correctly you can then use your Facebook account to log in to Homescapes. You may be wondering what is the point of doing this? The first answer is that it saves progress. Keeping the progress on your device is good but what will you do if your Homescapes game is lost, corrupted or the device itself is broken. This allows you to just log in your Facebook into another device and all your progress in Homescapes is kept so that’s really convenient.

You also get initial incentives when you sync your Facebook account. You can get some coins and in some cases power-ups when successfully connecting your Facebook. The main thing that this does for you is that you can also add friends through Facebook to the game. These friends can then send you some extra hearts in case you don’t have any. In some cases, you can send them the hearts as a way of support as well. The more friends you have means the more hearts you can get as there is no limit.

In closing, Homescapes isn’t too much of a challenge but it always helps to look up our Homescapes hack, cheats, tips, and guide. Just remember not to use any kind of third-party software in cheating. There are those that generate a lot of coins and hearts so it is best to avoid them so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Plus you wouldn’t want to get some kind of penalty and lose your account.

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