Homescapes Hack, Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Homescapes is brought to you by the people that made Gardenscapes. Austin is back but instead of managing his garden he is out to manage and remodel his parents’ home. It still mixes standard matching puzzle game along with remodeling and redecorating mechanics. Try to play the puzzles to unlock more content and items that you can use to alter the look of your family house. Try to use our Homescapes hack, cheats, tips and guide to get the job done.

Add friends and watch your hearts

Homescapes allows you to add friends through Facebook. You maybe wondering what is the incentive when you add friends on the game. First thing is that they can help you regenerate hearts much faster. Hearts are like the energy that you use when you play a puzzle. Playing a puzzle costs one heart. Regardless if you finish or fail the puzzle, you will lose that heart and wait for it to regenerate. Adding friends on Facebook will let them help you regenerate hearts much faster. Plus they can help you when it comes to your house remodeling but you should also do your part as well. Moreover, you can get a lot free coins using this:

Dealing with the puzzles

The puzzles in the game are like your basic match three tiles. Each puzzle has an objective for you to complete. Like in one puzzle you need to match over 25 red tiles and it can be different for another puzzle. You will also have moves to watch out for. Going back to our example where you need to match 25 red tiles you need to complete them in 20 moves or less. Running out of moves will mean that the level fails and you have to do the level all over again. Make sure to focus on the objectives at hand. Don’t bother racking up on tiles since they don’t give you extra points. Just complete the objectives right away regardless if you still have some moves left.

A few more puzzle tips

We stated that you should watch your moves but there comes a point in the puzzle where you’ll be stuck. You won’t be able to match up some tiles so it is essential that you scour the board and see which tiles you need to match and move to get to more of your objective tiles. The other thing is that there are some power ups that you can get and use on the board. Like power ups that can clear a vertical or horizontal line. Regardless if the tiles are matched or not, those that are in the line of fire will be counted.

Now onto remodeling your house

Homescapes is also about remodeling your house. You won’t be able to unlock all the content right away. The good thing is that you can always just start slow and remodel your house. The story plays a part to it but you can always just remodel it your way. Remodeling some areas will lead you to unlock more content and parts of the story in the game so do some exploring and a lot of remodeling.

Remodel your family home with the help of our Homescapes hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game can be played on both iOS and Android.


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