Heroes’ Will Cheats and Strategies Guide

Heroes’ Will is an RPG game with a great story line and simple user interface that is very easy to learn. With a little advanced degree of difficulty, this game is not exactly a beginners’ game, but hey, that should not stop you from trying it out! Beautiful characters, nice progression and pace, and great action-strategy combo—all of these should be enough to also keep you entertained and glued to your screens for a long time! Here are our tips and Heroes’ Will cheats to get you started.

heroes will cheats

Watch the tutorials and the story in full.

When playing an epic RPG, it’s not always fun to watch tutorials and to read/listen to all exchanges between the characters. Sometimes you just want to skip and start a new mission immediately, but with this game, you must know each character’s backstory because they will give you clues about your opponents and the game in general.

Upgrade your hero before your items/ weapons/ equipment.

This one’s self-explanatory. Upgrading our items does not considerably boost your heroes’ attack power. Moreover, your hero can only carry a few equipment at a time, so you will use up precious upgrade opportunities if you prioritise wrongly. For this reason, you must power-up your heroes first, before anything else. You will eventually receive those magic fluid and special items that you can use for future upgrades and forging of new equipment.

Once your hero is strong enough or if you can no longer upgrade them, you can go and boost your equipment to fare well in player-to-player battles. Do not forget to boost a hero’s dexterity, if possible, to minimise missed attacks against your foes.

Use a different hero per camp.

You’ll encounter various camps—or dungeons in the game, use an appropriate hero each time. For example, Heroines’ camp, will require all-female characters ONLY. In another camp, magic attacks are rendered useless (Sword Camp). Make sure to bring the right hero for the mission, or you won’t be able to use their abilities optimally.

Collect and use free passes, soulstones, and crystals.

You can use these free passes in various game modes to increase your experience, speed up processes, or double dropped items, etc. You can collect many of these and each coloured free pass may be used in many different ways to benefit you in the game. For example, a specific free pass is used to speed up farming and a black free pass should always be used to double the amount of very important item/s dropped by a kill.

Source out important items in different stores. 

You can only buy important items and specific soulstones in a particular store, so make sure to remember where you buy them, so you can immediately obtain some, if a need arises.

Aim for perfect stars and don’t forget to forge.

Perfect stars on a run will unlock a hero or a game mode. So always try to perfect each run to get these bonuses. On the other hand, regarding characters, when you’ve max-levelled them, you can still improve their damage or skills by forging.

Here are a few tips to consider and Heroes’ Will cheats from us to you. Comment below if you have more to share!

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