Heroes of Havoc Cheats And Guide

If you are looking for info on a new RPG game on iOS and Android, then you’ve come to the right place.  Heroes of Havoc:  Idle Adventures is your characteristic level-up game where you can assemble a team of heroes, collect all 50+ of them, improve their skills and power, loot for treasures, and more!  It’s a pretty entertaining game to play and pass the time, so here’s our Heroes and Havoc cheats and guide to your adventure to The Realm!

heroes of havoc cheats

Watch and finish the mini tutorials

Don’t be like us and learn the basic game play by going through the tutorials.  They’re short, easy-to-understand, and quite helpful especially if you’re new to the game.  You’ll also get a clue of the progression of the storyline by not skipping these small info windows.

More missions for more upgrades

Perform more tasks and adventures to upgrade your heroes’ skills points and level-up fast, and REPEAT.  If you’re feeling a bit lazy, hit the “Replay” button to fight another round and eventually crack the idle mode!  Missions are typically divided into more (elite) or less (regular) challenging ones.  Take on bosses, crusades, and trial missions for are hero items, stones, and bonus points.  Elite missions will always give you more of these items.  Additionally, you should level up your heroes and all of their skills equally to improve your team’s overall power and take on various enemies using any combination of them.

Hit those skills meters

Refill your heroes’ skills meters by tapping them once in a while for faster cool down.  Tapping the offensive abilities meter will also help to improve your heroes’ performance and attack power.

Collect hero stones, XP vials, and evolve your characters

Unlock your heroes by using hero stones and evolve them thereafter to unravel their ultimate abilities.  You may need to collect items and equipment along the way to evolve them and it is important to note that the quality of these items matter, more than the quantity.  However, evolving them will remove existing upgrades and weapons, but do not fret because you can always go back and repeat easy stages to upgrade new skills.  Use unimportant items and equipment to evolve first, and then boost your heroes’ new skills by using XP vials.

Keep game open and unlock more heroes

Do keep your game running to earn useful items and points, before you unlock the idle mode.  Once idle mode is on, your heroes can then repeat missions and earn more points for upgrades, even without your supervision.  Hero stones can be earned by defeating bosses and joining higher-up missions repeatedly.  Trials and Crusades can also help you earn stones and unlock more interesting heroes.  Again, do things over and over, idle mode on if you need to work or rest.  It will be worth it!  The game also lets you view ads to open extra chests for bonus.

So there you have it, our Heroes of Havoc Cheats and adventure guide to The Realm.  Enjoy and don’t forget to share your game secrets on the comments section below!

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