Hell Run Scary Road Cheats, Tips and Guide

Hell Run Scary Road is a gothic endless runner that that lets your character disappear by pressing-hold to avoid falling off cliffs and running into obstacles along the way. If you want something different, but are not interested in an elaborate epic game, then download this game now to start your run. Meanwhile, here is our Hell Run Scary Road cheats to help you get out of the scary realm.

hell run scary road cheats

Game objective.

Your aim is to avoid the obstacles by going invisible. You press on the screen long enough to let the obstacle or ravine pass in an endless run. Go as far as you can into the game and earn the highest score. The longer you stay in the game, the better score you’ll post!

Watch where you’re going.

Anticipate the next few steps that your character needs to take. This one’s quite obvious as you need to keep your eye on the small space in front of your character and immediately press-hold the screen once you see a ravine and tap quickly to avoid stakes from the ground and other obstacles that could end your run.

Invisibility is not permanent.

Believe us, we’ve thought of actually pressing-hold that button to avoid ALL of the obstacles, but you can only disappear for so long. Keep this in mind if you suddenly think of this great idea to outwit the game.

Tap properly.

Short taps will make the character disappear only for a short moment, and these type of taps are good for jumping stakes and running narrow platforms. On the other hand, ground breaks will require you to tap a little more lingeringly to ensure that you don’t fall. Also, time your longer taps properly because you must recover immediately right after the gap on the ground and possibly even make a quick tap for a smaller obstacle right after. Some obstacles may catch you off guard and cause you to lose, which is why it is important to always look ahead.

Beware of unexpected obstacles.

Always be wary of falling objects and other things that you don’t really imagine would appear anytime. Short taps can be used effectively in these types of obstacles. Use the right length of tap for all of your dodges to make sure you don’t miss and start over. The barbed pillar is one such obstacle and you should be careful by tapping before you reach the thing.

Timing is important!

This game has a little collision glitch. You won’t end the game if you become visible and wind up within an obstacle, however if you come out anywhere near and OUTSIDE the object, then be prepared to repeat the game. Disappear before an obstacle all of the time.

These are all of the Hell Run Scary Road cheats that we have compiled as of the moment. This game is great for those who like dark, simple games and those who like a bit of a challenge. Don’t for get to comment below if you have more details to share!

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