Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats and Basic Instructions

Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) is a challenging game for those are interested with enduring elaborate story lines, planning actual battles, meddling with politics, and more.  It has a steep learning curve, but it can be very fun to play once you picked up the process and the rules.  Here are a few helpful but very basic Hearts of Iron 4 cheats, tactics, and interface details to help you comfortably play it. Keep your eyes open as well for our other upcoming comprehensive HOI4 guides soon.

HOI4 cheats

To begin, select you need to know the national focus “trees” where you can select unique or typical diplomatic, economic, political, and research plans that you need for your country at the moment.  Each of the key countries has a focus tree that you can expand to the right.  Take care not to miss things that can possibly make a huge difference to your current plan for your country, so scroll carefully.

Study the Interface

Know the function of each tab or icon, since the game will basically tell you what to do using these symbols.  At the upper left area of the map, you will see icons that tell you what you need to accomplish first, before making a battle plan and advancing to conquer enemies and territories.

National Focus

Achieve a certain level of political, economic, diplomatic, and research “influence” by prioritising important plans first before anything else.  For example focus on researching early technologies to improve them and select and modify only what you think is the most effective tech for your battle plan.

Battle Techniques

When setting up a battle strategy, keep in mind that an arrow will denote the area where your soldiers will stop.  It does not signify the direction or flow of their movement.  A front line should be drawn where you want to position your people and they will automatically move towards this area that you will indicate.  It is possible to create more complex battle plans that involve two or more steps.  Moving your front lines a little further will move your entire army closer to your target.  You may also retreat a little by moving your front lines back, if you think that you moved forward too quickly.

Factories for People

Prioritise civilian factories over military ones because you can use people to build more structures quickly.  Improve production by increasing your population and when you feel like you’ve got enough civilians to construct facilities and are able to run them smoothly, then you may start investing in your military factories.


Help your allies, even if you have not joined the war yet by sending volunteers.  Other diplomatic actions may also be available for you to take, just right-click the country that you’re interested in having relations with.  However, make sure to help only if you have surplus production.  You can actually increase what you know about a country based on your intelligence information.

These are some of the most basic Hearts of Iron 4 cheats and instructions to help you get started with HOI4.  If you have more to add, do not hesitate to comment below.

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