Godfinger 2 Cheats and Tactics

Godfinger 2 is a simple building and management game that will let you experience god-like skills and powers to restore a forsaken world of cute people. Complete missions, collect coins, expand the land, and defend the city from invaders—all of these in powerful style and with just one tap of a finger. Read our Godfinger 2 cheats and tactics to start your godship over this circular little world.

godfinger 2

Plan your world for efficiency.

You’ll need mana to accomplish all of the things that you need to do in that little world, so don’t think that this is just some funny-looking game that doesn’t require much planning. For example, keeping your planting areas together will save you water and you’re less likely to miss watering a field.

Also make sure that your fields are being tended well. Cultivate fresh batches of fields continuously because after 20 harvests, food will stop growing in old ones.

Minions vary in skills and abilities.

All minions are not created equal. Check out their profile stats to know which jobs are most appropriate for them. You’ll earn more worship points if they are well-suited to the job and are productive. A great way to save gems from speeding up building, is to do these tasks before you take a long break from playing the game. Assign one minion to build during that period, so everything will be ready once you play again.

Minions will also tell you what they want. Just tap the Temple and hear about their requests and prayers. Fulfil as many missions or “prayers” as you can, so you’ll have a direction going into the game. They will sort of give you an idea what you should do next.

Make your people interact with each other.

Move your people from one place to another to let them mingle with others. You’ll earn extra points when they chance upon others that they know and chat, so cool!

Watch ads for extra bonuses.

Watch short videos in exchange for speed-ups, extra mana, or other useful freebies. It will only take a little of your time, but it will be worth it. You can also gain rewards and bonuses from checking out your friends’ worlds. Invite as many friends to play the game and you’ll surely appreciate the free items you’ll get from them

Make it rain trees!

Trees are useful because you can derive lumber out of them to use in building new structures in your world. Your people may also need trees for worshipping and other important activities.

Always watch out for new notifications. 

Be alert for some new announcements or subtle notices. They may be about new things that you can unlock or new missions to pursue. When you see a red dot, then it’s worth giving a little time to. You just might earn extra coins or free items for checking them out.

Try it out now, and don’t forget to add more to our list of Godfinger 2 cheats and tactics if you have more by commenting below.

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