Hand of God Cheats and Guide

Hand of God is a game with a nice storyline and cute boxy characters in need of saving! Keep the bad guys from attacking and evicting your creatures by tapping them away to dispatch them. Keep them safe, collect more creatures, and build your city with the help of our guide and Hand of God cheats.

hand of god cheats

Strike tanks before weaker enemies.

Tank and strong fire-powered enemies like helicopters and armoured cars must be taken down first, since these guys can easily destroy all your creatures. However, you won’t deal much damage using fire and lightning attacks, but they are pretty susceptible to the St. Anger and physical attacks, so tap ‘em away!

Play non-stop to receive freebies.

Coins and gift items can be earned every after a few minutes, so play continuously to receive tons of money to use for upgrades and boosts. If you activate your notifications for the game, you’ll know when the next gift is coming.

Finger power!

Tap the screen as fast as you can with St. Anger to deal direct damage to enemies. Eventually, you will develop and earn abilities that will support this basic power and that you can use to destroy a good number of advancing enemies at once. However, don’t use your special powers indiscriminately, look for a timely moment before using them to deal as much damage as you can. Also, take into account the cool down time for your abilities or the time it takes to recharge a power before you strike down enemies.

Don’t skip the tutorials!

Tutorials are there for a reason, so don’t play the game without completing these simple guides.  Moreover, you will learn how to optimise your creatures’ abilities by merging. This will allow them to gain special abilities to help you ward off the bad guys. This will require you to use mushrooms, so play the levels repeatedly to earn more of these wonderful items. Surprise yourself by merging unlikely characters and taking advantage of new abilities. You will soon have favourite combinations and use them for battle. If you did not like the new ability you gained out of merging, you can always backtrack by watching an ad.

Prevent the police siren from going off!

One nuisance character is the police car. When dealt with much damage, its sirens will go off and will agitate the enemies and cause them to increase their attack power. Destroy the red police car upon seeing it and don’t wait for it to worsen your chances against your enemies.

Double your coins by watching ads game ads.

If an ad appears at the end of each level, take advantage of it and watch it to the end. This ad will instantly double the total coins you earned so far. More coins = more upgrades! This is quite possibly the easiest way to earn coins, so never pass on this opportunity or you’ll feel bad right after.

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