Hammer Bomb Cheats, Tips, Strategies and Guides for All Players Out There

Playing Hammer Bomb is one of the great games created online. It boasts of various challenges and can initiate better game time for the enthusiasts all across the globe. However, with that in mind, the game is more difficult than anticipated, that is why you may need the Hammer bomb cheats, tips, strategies and guides to help you along the way.


Learn the Basics

The game is better understood if you know the basics that surround it. You can begin by knowing the different commands; the various factors and other things that can help you make the game are easier.

Do Not Forget to Explore

Do not forget to explore many things when you are playing your game. When you explore the different areas, you can learn many things and that is helpful in the long run. When you explore the different areas, you are aware of each turn and each area. Also remember that when you do not explore the different areas you might lose the chance to discover the secret quests, crystals, soldiers to rescue, chests, and a whole lot more.

Remove all of Your Enemies

Removing all of your foes will bring you additional experience at each level. Prisons are normally set on the midsections and weapons so you can take out the greater part of the enemies on the floor. You ought to do as such, however be mindful so as not to waste weapons. On the off chance that you gather a greater amount when you defeat your enemies and through that you can fortify your area and gather much weapon. Also, you’ll acquire ammunition if you defeat more enemies as well. Notwithstanding, in the event that you get an alternate sort of weapon, your present weapon will be squandered. Attempt to defeat your enemies so that you can gather more weapons.

Have Some Upgrades

Upgrades are very important to your game so that you can further expand and be stronger to overcome each levels. The upgrades can help you in each level and help you accomplish the challenges as well. You need to be wary that the upgrades are implemented for a reason and that is mostly to lend a helping hand when the hurdles are too much to overcome.

The first upgrade is the radar so focus on that and ensure that you are able to upgrade it because it can help you save on the resources and help you overcome the difficulties too.

When Stuck, Just Dance

Funny as it may seem, when you are placed in a situation wherein you cannot seem to move and are stuck, just dance. How to do it? Just swipe down and then make sure that you are swiping it fast. You also need to swipe fast to make sure that it is being implemented. One great thing about this option is that you can cheat your way in just by simply dancing.

Here are just some of the Hammer Bomb Cheats, Tips, Strategies and Guides for All Players Out There that wants to make their game easier, less hassle and more fun.

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