Gummy Drop Cheats and Strategies for Newbies

If you like playing the usual tile-candy-jewel-matching game, but are looking for something new out of the ordinary, then check out Big Fish’s colourful and refreshing game called Gummy Drop.  What’s even better about this game is each time that you complete a level brings you closer to restoring various Australian landmarks—that’s two objectives in one colourful game! Read on to find out our Gummy Drop cheats and strategies to help you play better.

You can download gummy drop here for iOS and here for Android.

gummy drop cheats


Pick more complicated gumdrop line-ups.

Matching more than three similar gumdrops will help you unlock special moves. These power-ups can help you take out a big portion of the table or convert a group of random colours into a single one.  Just like any other matching game, the more gumdrops you pop, the more power-ups you earn.  Popping four or more gumdrops at once also make for eye-popping spectacle.

Score 3 extra lives legitimately.

Cheats do not mostly come to players for free, so here’s one that you will surely be happy about.  Gummy Drop has a glitch that is known to a few hooked players that lets you score extra lives—even if you have no more friends to send you more for the day.  How? Just exit the game and configure the time settings of your phone or tablet, moving time ahead by 1.5 hours. And then, hit the restart button to enjoy a new batch of lives that should hopefully be enough to complete the level.

Create more combos by playing the bottom gum drops.

Start looking for moves at the bottom of the table to earn more combos.  Matching bottom gum drops will more likely cause the upper ones to line up for a combo. This will help you finish off a level quickly and earn more points and coins.

Satisfy the level objectives.

To score big on each level, you need to complete all or some of the objectives before the time is up or before you run out of turns or moves. Deal with the more difficult ones first like those that need to be matched at the corners or on areas that are challenging to reach.  Always keep an eye on your available moves, so you won’t run out later on especially for matching really simple ones after you’re done with the toughest.

Sync your game to FB and play.

This one’s quite obvious because you can do the same thing with other mobile games you intend to play.  Convince your FB friends to play Gummy Drop and earn extra turns. You may also receive one life daily or freebies. Make sure to invite only those who like playing similar games, so you won’t have a hard time asking for important items like free lives or coins.

Aim for special items in the table.

Some collectible items can be quite useful, like bricks. Always aim for them in any level to increase your special item collection. Sometimes, you will be required to collect a specific number of bricks, but if there is no such requirement, then do still try to collect as many as possible because they are pretty useful.

Play again and again for rewards and free items.

Better rewards can be earned if you played each stage again and again, until all of your objectives are done. The more difficult a level is, the better rewards you’ll earn at the end, so don’t shy away from tough levels, it will be worth it just for the free bonuses, items, and coins you’ll get for playing.

Don’t waste special items for nothing.

Special power items are quite rare and are important to get through the really tough levels of the game.  So do not use them haphazardly because although you can still get hold of them as in-app purchases, they cost money.  However, if you’ve been spending too much time on a level and can’t quite get it right, then it might be time to play your power up to get through that stage satisfactorily. As much as possible, try to finish a level without the need for power ups, you’ll be thankful you’ve saved enough of them when the game gets tougher.

There go our Gummy Drop cheats and strategies. Do comment below if you have more tricks and info up your sleeves, we love to hear about them!

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