Fit the Fat 2 Cheats, Tips and Guide

Fit the Fat 2 is a follow-up to the funny FAT—and time management game from a year ago. Make your rotund character hit the gym, lose weight, and trim his muscles by letting him do weight-loss activities, feeding him healthy food, and basically just making him more healthy! If you’re on the heavy side yourself, then this is a rude awakening of some sort if you want to see how it will be like to lose all that fat. But hey, if you could make the fat guy in the game work, then you could do it too! Here is our list of Fit the Fat 2 cheats to help you turn a fat guy’s life around!

fit the fat 2 cheats, tips and guide

Game features and objectives.

The objective is to achieve the best physique and weight (in lbs or kg) for your character in the game. You can do this by feeding him healthy food options, making him exercise/walk on the treadmill, jump rope, sleep, etc. Initially, you will have limited food options, but you can unlock healthier ones as you go further into the game. Collect coins to buy more fresh and healthy food to replenish your energy and less on useless things like bed upgrades.

You can also use an exercise tracker in real life to lose weight for you and your fat friend on the game! That is arguably the best feature of the game.

Always keep your goal in sight.

The game gives you absolutely no clue when it comes to food. You can buy a wide array of food—healthy and junk. Always feed your friend only healthy food options, so you won’t go wrong. You will also notice that the healthier the food, the more expensive it is on the list that you can buy. Restore your energy by picking healthier food and avoiding fatty ones.

Physical activity is important!

Aside from eating healthy, exercising will also help your friend lose much of the weight. On the upper left hand corner, there is a green meter that lets you know how much you are losing (per pound or kilo) when you exercise. You initially start out 507 lbs heavy, and then you shed this off little by little when doing physical activities.

Things to remember when exercising.

When working out the treadmill, you need keep the pointer within the green area, or else, your friend could take a tumble. Sometimes, the green area becomes a lot shorter and it will move from left to right, just keep the pointer at the middle and your friend will be ok.

Jumping rope is a lot easier—just tap according to rhythm, neither too early nor too late, to prevent tripping your guy. Remember that the bigger he is, the more unstable he is for jumping. Weight lifting is the easiest—just tap away and wait until both indicators are full to sustain a repetition. You can also get your friend to box. Like weight-lifting, all you need to do is tap quickly.

There you have our Fit the Fat 2 cheats and guide for beginners. Take advantage of the real-life app and burn those fats away! Comment below if you have more tips to add.


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