Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats & How to Get Wishelin Stars

Gordon Ramsay Dash is a fun and intuitive variation of the popular series of cooking game is one that you will surely enjoy. In most of the old series, you have Flo fulfilling customer orders and managing the restaurant operations. This one has the same gameplay, but with an addition of quite an interesting persona as your mentor in building the world’s best chain of restos.  Here are some tips to achieve those Wishelin stars and Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats.

gordon ramsay dash cheats

Keep your hands full. 

Line up or queue multiple orders at once to earn lots and lots of coins, XP, and even make Gordon serve the customers himself when there’s a rush! This method is quite useful for serving customers with the same order and for earning extra bonus points. So keep your hands full and appear busy, so Gordon won’t get upset.

Remember the recipe.

Running a restaurant continuously will make you memorise all the recipes after a while. However, everything can become chaotic in an instant and you could forget really simple recipes when dashing from one customer to another. When this happens, do not worry, simply tap-hold a customer’s order overhead to view and take a break, and there you’ll have an instant reminder of how to cook things.

Carry out missions.

This one you’ll probably see in a lot of game guides, but you do have to complete those missions because it’s the only way to earn more coins, gold, and XPs. Trophies can be earned for winning cook offs and other game competitions as well and perfecting a level for Wishelin stars is even better! All of these can be used to buy fancier stuff and ingredients for your kitchen.

Earn from frenzy!

Collect the coins only when the slots are full, so you can get them all in one swipe and earn points from frenzy! You can also do this when you want some breathing space from customers to prevent mistakes and eventually setting Gordon off. Just remember, new clients won’t be able to sit and order unless you clear the coins. Collect the coins smartly to earn extra points, but don’t wait long enough for your customers to leave.

Constantly prepare Burger Patties.

Prepare patties early on, so you’ll have one ready when a customer orders. Initially, you’ll only be able to keep one extra on standby because your grill can only keep one patty at a time. This will improve later on when you invest in better equipment, so you’ll be able to serve more people who drop by at random—sometimes in droves to order burger!

Collect your revenues.

Profits accrue overtime, and you will be able to collect at the end of the Season. Don’t forget to collect your money, so you’ll have plenty to spend on kitchen upgrades. Also, on your phone settings, turn on all notifications for this Dash game, so you’ll get alerted when you’ve finished a season and are eligible to collect the profits.

Hope you enjoyed our Gordon Ramsay Dash cheats and information.  Comment below if you have extra tips to share!

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