Golf Clash Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Golf Clash is one of the latest offerings in the world of mobile gaming golf. It is basically golf in a nutshell where you compete in different holes with the least amount of strokes possible. You get to play one on one against other players from all over the world. If that isn’t enough then you can partake in open tournaments where you can potentially rack up on a lot of cash in game. Golf is not an easy sport but you can always use our Golf Clash hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Knowing the right power

In Golf Clash, the basic principles of golf apply. That principle would be that being too powerful isn’t always ideal. Ideally during the first swing you would need to muster all the power you can get but that would depend on the distance and course. There are some courses that are so small that you don’t need to use your strongest club for the launching stroke. Knowing how much power to exert is ideal so that you can get your ideal distance. One trick that some players do is to use a stronger club compared to the distance. Then don’t necessarily hit the full gauge but just hit it at the right amount to have the power that you need.

Scour the environment

Luckily in this game or any other golf videogame you can pretty much scour and scout out the course. Adjust the trajectory of your swings and expect where the ball land. You wouldn’t want your ball to land on bunkers and worse would be out of bounds areas like water. Be sure to spin the map as much as you need to get a good scope of the area.

Handling your clubs

Earlier on you are given a set of clubs to work with. Now later on you can choose to unlock and upgrade more clubs. Speaking of upgrading, you don’t need to get a lot of different sets of clubs. You can even just stick to one and continue to just upgrade them. It usually boils down to utility and how much you can get from the clubs that you’re using to get you farther into the game.

A little spin

This one is a bit of a tricky thing to pull off. Basically before you launch your ball, you can choose which side you want to hit it to give it a spin. You can make it spin left, right, up or down and that way it can have some nice results. In some cases giving it a down spin allows it to slow down when landing on the green as such. Make sure you practice first before pulling off these spin shots later on.

Chests for you

Golf Clash offers a lot of chests that you can unlock. You do need to get them so be sure to do so. The game doesn’t really tell you a lot about them so it is up to you to unlock chests and get their contents. Al so you can use this golf clash hack that we found, work very well for us.

Score a hole in many with our Golf Clash hack, cheats, tips and guide. Golf Clash is available on both iOS and Android.


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