GoalUnited Pro Cheats and How to Manage Your Team

You think managing your own football team is easy?  How about a combination of football-related activities, including upgrading a stadium, training your players, buying and selling, etc.?  GoalUnited Pro is a massive online-and-mobile game that will let you have a go at anything that is related to the game.  The objective is to build your club into the most successful one ever.  Here are some information about managing your club and GoalUnited Pro Cheats to help you by.

goalunited-pro cheats

How to log in and play.

Using your browser, type in “pro.goalunited.org” and go. Register to log in and play. Once you’re in the game, you will naturally start with a very weak team. Be extremely patient because everything takes slowly to progress.

Complete the tutorials.

Don’t skip the tutorials if you want to know all of the basic features of the game. You will also receive cash right after you finish it, so you can start saving for great employees and structures as well.

Save those trading cards.

During the first couple of seasons into the game, try not to use your trade cards yet. Wait for better features and players before switching some of them. Collect as many cards as you can because you will surely find them more useful in the future than if you are going to use them immediately.

Improve your arena.

Playing in an awesome stadium is just as important, so while spending some on your players, do not forget to upgrade your football arena too. Ideally, you should immediately buy and build whatever structure becomes available from the Shop to benefit your players as well. Invest in upgrades whenever you can.   Maintain and repair your buildings and structures as well to prevent wear and tear. Always check out the state of your structures by tapping on the hammer on your Stadium panel.

Employees will make you rich.

A great staff will bring in more money and bonuses. Invest in your coaches to rack up more cash as well as your guys who take care of your club’s financials.  Look for young prodigies and train them.  You can sell them when they’re in their prime or get them to play for your team.

Cash and item bonuses.

Like any other RPG, logging in daily will earn you some cash, items, or XP—one at the start and another later on in the game. Pick generous sponsors because they will regularly give you cash. If you are feeling exceptionally sure about your team’s abilities, then pick the one that will pledge money based on your game numbers.  You also collect money from games held in your stadium, which is why it is important to repair them immediately before each building’s integrity reaches 80%. This will not cost you money as well. Ticket sales and player trades will also net you cash.

Play the game like a real pro.

Play offence when you are competing with a lower-ranking team, and defence when competing with a better-ranking team. Make sure to compete in Leagues to increase your points and your ranking as well. The more popular your team becomes, the more business you’re going to get.

Here are some really general tips and GoalUnited Pro cheats to consider. If you have more tactics, please share your comments below!

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