Ghostbusters Slime City Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Want to try the Ghostbusters obligatory movie tie-in game? Well, now’s the best time to do so! This game is an amalgam of different genres and you will surely enjoy it for its versatility. Banish paranormal beings, upgrade your character and weapon pack, build the City, perform jobs and upgrade contracts, collect cards, and more… Here’s our Ghostbuster Slime City cheats and guide to save the City from the bad spectres!

Ghostbusters Slime City

Game objectives.

Your main goal is to save NYC from ghosts and malevolent beings either by blasting or trapping. There are literally tons of things to do in this game to keep you busy, so explore and collect rare items, game currency, and other equipment from missions, jobs, and challenges.

Join a squad.

After reaching a certain level in the game, you can opt to join or create a squad by clicking at one of the icons at the bottom of the screen.

How to earn bonuses.

Feed Slimer as much as you can under a time limit to earn money for use in upgrades and unlocking buildings and other locations. Do this daily to save up on game currency. Beat the time to earn gold!

You can also earn money from other facilities in the City. So unlock as many as you can and keep an eye on your stash because there is a limit to how much you can save. Spend whenever your cash reserve is almost full. You can also upgrade your bank to accommodate as much money as possible. Bonuses may also be earned if you play the game continuously for hours.

Finish contracts.

These special missions are slightly tougher than the regular ones, but you can earn great items and rewards by completing them. The more difficult a contract is, the better the rewards will be.

Boost your weapons!

Proton and electron packs may be upgraded, but you also need to collect parts whenever you go out and complete a mission or a job. Cash is required to upgrade your weapons, so keep a healthy supply for upgrades and purchases.

Play reward levels repeatedly.

At one point in the game, you will be given the chance to select from a number of boxes. Replay reward levels over and over to collect parts, cash, XP, etc.

Charge your pack regularly and duck when needed.

Reload manually so you won’t end up with a useless pack when a wave of enemies swarm you. Always anticipate the need to reload, so you won’t get overwhelmed by incoming ghosts and undead.

Duck or dodge enemy firepower by moving about. Wait until enemy ghosts are done firing before you launch your attack. Hide from incoming shots when necessary because once you get killed, you will have to wait a few minutes before you’ll be able to play again, which is a bummer!

What are you waiting for? Defend the City from the bad spooks with our Ghostbusters: Slime City cheats and basic information. Comment below to add more!

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