Garfield: My Big Fat Diet Cheats, Tips and Guide

We all know Garfield to be lazy and voracious, but what happens when Jon gets the crazy idea of forcing his pet to diet for a cat show? If you are a fan of this funny cartoon series, then you know it’s not going to sit well with Garfield! Here is a fun game where you get to play the iconic pet cat and steal food when Jon’s not watching! So what are you waiting for? Here is our Garfield: My Big Fat Diet cheats list to help you feed the famous cat and kick off your game!

garfield my big fat diet cheats, tips and guide

Tutorials and game premise.

The idea is to avoid Jon’s angry stare and to feed Garfield without getting busted! And there are a couple or so of ways to get caught. First is to draw attention to yourself by angering customers and next is for Jon to catch you right after he makes an order at the restaurant counter. Steal and eat as much food as you can within the given time!

Spend your coins carefully.

Purchasing upgrades is definitely much better than buying Cheating Tom tokens and coins. Don’t gamble your money on the idea that you could win a couple of hundred thousand coins. Great if you do, but if not, never worry because you’ll eventually save up tons of coins, especially if you play over and over. On the other hand, you can earn up to 1000 coins after every stage, so keep playing and try to make it without Jon catching you!

Use the invisibility cloak!

This one can make you steal food even if Jon is staring angrily at your direction. You’ll know when the invisibility is about to expire when the cloak starts blinking, just make sure to sit for a moment while Jon gives you the stare. You can go and eat right after Jon faces the counter again.

Distract Jon using Cheating Tom!

Cheating Tom is there for a reason and you can use his help to distract Jon from seeing you steal lunches! The Tom power-up lasts just as long as the invisibility cloak.

Steal food from people at the middle of the resto first!

Prioritise people at the middle of the room because it’s much easier to get to your seat once you anger a customer or once Jon notices that you’re out bugging people for food. Also, it’s much easier to grab those random invisibility cloaks if you’re somewhere in the middle!

Sneak away from Jon’s line of sight.

You don’t have to be seated when Jon stares you down from the counter all the time. You can move to a different patron who is seated away from Jon’s line of sight—preferably from the opposite direction—and steal their food to beat the time!

Get to know each patron’s characteristics.

Some customers are more patient than others. For example, the granny gives twice the points but is a lot slower than the rest of the customers. The middle-aged man is the quickest to anger, so better use power-ups like the Odie and Pookie if you notice that most of them are this type of customer.

These are all for Garfield: My Big Fat Diet cheats and tips. Make sure to comment below if you have more strategies to add and don’t forget to enjoy the game!

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