Gardenscapes Hack, Cheats: Free Coins Methods and More!

Gardenscapes New Acres lets you rebuild the gardens that you inherited from a long-lost relative. It lets you play match-three games in exchange for stars that can be traded for improvements or transformations in your garden. In typical match-three fashion, the goal is to clear the objectives by bringing together at least three tiles. The more tiles you match, the better. Here are our Gardenscapes hack and cheats list to help you start restoring your gardens!

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Leveling Guide:

I have compiled a few levels that many people are having trouble with, please check this post here, that post will be updated frequently so please feel free to ask your question there.

Match more tiles than three!

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Like any other game of similar type, always try to match at more than three stars to create power-ups. Even if the objective tells you to collect different tile designs, match 4 to 5 tiles, so you can blast surrounding areas as well. Match five and you’ll take down a good portion of the board. Don’t even think the colour, the bigger combinations you make, the more likely you will clear your level objective!

Power ups are awesome tools to clear the level. Always aim for a rainbow power-up to take out a large portion of the board. How? Just wait for the round button at the lower left corner to charge and then watch out for special tiles on the board. Make sure to use up power-ups just before the time expires or if there are no more tickets to open the game.

Watch out for finite moves!

Later on in the game, the number of moves that you can make will become more limited, just don’t forget to check the remaining count once in a while to avoid running out and losing your turn.

Uncover those gnomes!

gardenscapes hack, cheats, free coins 2

Gnomes can most likely be found behind grass and they also come in various sizes. So think that all of them will be ginormous, you might find some of the smaller much more difficult to uncover. Match the tiles above the grass, if you want to see all of the gnomes that you need to reveal.

Use power up rainbows and rockets to help you expose those bears or to meet your level objectives. Always pay attention to the board to take advantage of power ups and 5-tile combinations.

Collect gold and spend them carefully!

Gold is the major game currency and you’ll need it to improve your shovel’s ability. Shovels let you take out a portion of the board, without really matching tiles around the one that you want removed. Don’t spend your golds on other expenses, you won’t be able to use them much to help you in the game.

Use date/ time glitch to get more lives

I received a pm from a reader that it is actually possible to get free lives on Gardenscapes with the date/ time glitch. All you have to do is setting your timezone forward, you should be able to see your new lives updated.

I am using Iphone 6 and it doesn’t work for me, so if you are using iOS i recommend you don’t waste your time trying. Android users you are free to give it a try and please report back if it works for you.

It is actually pretty easy to get free coins:

With free coins, you can easily refill your lives, it cost approximately 900 coins per refill (~$1 if you decided to purchase).

Well here is the solution i found, go to this website, input your gamecenter email (you must be logged in on your device) and choose the amount of coins you need, it should work after a few hours. Please do report your results below.

There you have our Gardenscapes hack and cheats. Don’t forget to comment below if you have better ways to revive the gardens or if you simply want to get a good conversation going! Check out other games in our site!

Update #1 (7th September 2016): Date/ time glitch + free coins method added. 


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