Game of War: Fire Age Cheats and Strategies To Have

If you love Game of War: Fire Age, then you must probably know by now the challenges that comes along with it as well. However, do not be dismayed if you cannot seem to overcome the challenges and levels because with these Game of War: Fire Age cheats and Strategies, cruising the game is less hassle and stress free.

The game is all about strategy, nothing more, nothing less. To master the game, means to be aware of its strategic approach as well. Nonetheless, with the right tools and tips, winning is just around the corner for you.


Game of War: Fire Age features a similarity to MMORPG/strategy games. Having control of all your resources is crucial to the game. It is also important that you are able to gather and fortify your game. it is a game that has the potential to set the bar higher, to bring you downfall and to test your limits and skills.

Time will come wherein giving up on the game is the probable and ideal choice because you may think that nothing seems to go your way, don’t be. The game is not futile if you have the Game of War: Fire Age cheats and Strategies at bay.

Start with the Basics

While other game teach you to master the next level or gain the next step. This game does not. It teaches you to learn the basics and master it. Start with the basics if you want to gain a footing and control over your game.

Remember that the game is a simulation game and at the same time it is real time as well. You need to master the art of building, of using the right tools, of setting your defense plan as well as your offensive strategy. Another basic thing is to set up allegiance and if you do it right, then the rest will follow.

Set Up an Alliance

As I have stated above, the alliance is important in your game time. It is crucial that you are able to connect online. Gain the foothold by connecting with local alliances. This will also give you an idea on the flow of the game and other things.

Being alone is not helpful for you. To gain momentum, you need to set up a pact of agreement with other tribes and ensure their alliance. If you have rival armies threatening your place, local alliances can help you in defending your place and in fortifying your region.

Also, the alliances can also assist you in the construction of buildings and if you want to make sure that you are maintaining these ties, you need to return the favor by helping your alliances when they are in dire need as well.

Use the Resource Fields

The resources are your way to success. You need to strengthen your fort and in order to do that; you need to make use of your resource fields. Once you are able to set up most of the important things such as security, divert your focus into getting more resource fields.

You can look for these fields in the map and once you spotted them, gather and place your mark on that region so that you can strengthen and amplify your resources. Make it a point that you got there first and then set up these resources for your benefits.

Prioritize Healing

Instead of having limited soldiers due to being wounded, you can shift your resources by strengthening your capability to render healing. The best way to do that is to set up many hospitals in different areas so that you can render healing to your soldiers and security detail when they are in need of it.

Use the Peace Period for Your Advantage

There is a time set for peace wherein war is not granted and once that occurs, make sure that you are using it to the best of your advantage. Use the grace period to fortify and improve your location. First, you need to build and enlarge your barracks. Once that is done, add more buildings that are vital such as hospitals and resource related buildings.

There you go, with these different Game of War: Fire Age cheats and Strategies, you have just attained another record breaking achievement for your game. Stay tuned for more updates.

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